The Off-Topic Book Club review Gastrophysics

Gastrophysics by Charles Spence.

Why are 27 per cent of drinks bought on planes tomato juice? And why does eating food off a red plate make you eat less food? The Off-Topic Book Club explores the science of food in the non-fiction book Gastrophysics by Oxford University’s Charles Spence.

Kate Coughlan reviews noni juice from This NZ Life on Vimeo.

While the book gave the club plenty of food for thought, the club went off topic (as per usual) to discuss their favourite food memories. Kate’s worst food memory involves drinking noni juice at work. Watch the videoabove to see Kate’s first reaction  when drinking the fermented fruit drink and listen along to the the book club below to see if you agree with Dr Charles Spence’s theories.

Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, RRP $38.00 order online here



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Our next book club will be on The Suicide Club, the latest novel from New Zealand author Sarah Quigley. The novel follows three friends in their early 20s struggling with depression who travel to Bavaria for treatment in an experimental institution called The Palace.


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