Photo essay: Mexican photographer Carla Danieli visits a New Zealand farm for the first time

Mexican photographer Carla Danieli had never spent time on a farm before her stay on a remote station in the Waihopai Valley.

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In her day job, Carla Danieli is a sports and adventure photographer who spends her life in the outdoors recording sports events including wakeboarding. She lives in Mexico City: population density 8400 people per square kilometre, total population almost nine million.

The Dillon family’s right hand man, Rob Hide, a man who does a bit of everything.

She’d never spent time on a farm before she visited the Dillon family on their 1820ha (4500 acre) sheep and beef station in the Waihopai Valley, 35km south-west of Blenheim. Population density per square kilometre: maybe one.

“This experience was extraordinary because I was able to have the feeling of freedom and contact with nature on adaily basis, to be part of a sustainable environment.

“I fell in love with every single animal, especially with the farm dogs; they are hard working, smart and loving.”

During her visit, Carla learned how to muster and tail sheep,and how to ride a farm bike.

“I also enjoyed talking a walk or a bike ride in the evenings and to be able to meet wonderful people as the Dillons. “Watching from above how Tom and his dad mustered the cattle with the motocross bike and the chopper was fun and amazing.”

“The contrast of living in such a big and busy place as Mexico City made me enjoy it more… I was able to value the slow-pace way of living and convinced myself of working towards building a self-sustainable life.

Having the opportunity of being in a 4500 acre farm with beautiful views, sunrises and sunsets, it made me feel like I was in heaven.”


NZ Lifestyle Block This article first appeared in NZ Lifestyle Block Magazine.

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