7 healthy meal ideas that taste incredible

Guest Post by Rebecca Diciocci

Stuck for ideas for what to serve up for mid week dinner? Find inspiration with these seven easy meal ideas that are not only healthy, but tasty.

No matter what work and other activities you do, the foods you eat and your overall diet will have a big effect on your health and your overall outlook on life. There’s no shortage of great options available that could help you achieve better health and consequently allow you to lead a better life.

However, finding food that’s good for us, that we enjoy and that’s convenient for us to make on a routine basis can prove difficult. Ideally, everyone should try to familiarise themselves with dishes that they can cook at home. If you struggle to get motivated or find the time to cook from scratch, you can always subscribe to a service that home delivers customisable and highly nutritious meal-kits with easy to follow instructions and pre-portioned ingredients.

It doesn’t matter how specific or unique your culinary tastes are; there is always a healthy option with your name on it. Whether it’s Asian, Mediterranean, Western or Middle Eastern inspired, you can always find a choice that not only tastes great, but is really good for you.

Let’s check out some mouth-watering selections that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

Japanese Miso Mushroom Bowl

Staying healthy can be really, really difficult. If you’re working full time, you’re going to find it even harder. It’s too easy to just pop down to the local takeaway and pay someone else to prepare a meal for you. It’s even easier to grab some fast food, which is notorious for its poor nutritional value.

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Thankfully, a Japanese miso mushroom bowl could be just the thing you need to kick start your diet or stay healthy at work. Complemented by some pickled cucumber and radishes, the miso bowl is full of flavour and perfect for vegetarians. You’ll become obsessed with miso and want to start adding it to everything, or adding everything to it – like some amazingly healthy kale.

Fresh Haloumi Salad

Of all the great low-carb meal options, a haloumi salad is certainly one of the tastiest! Haloumi is becoming a household item and quickly turning into a common ingredient in breakfast dishes. It also makes a tasty pairing with avocados.

Haloumi salad is complemented by a variety of greens, underpinned by fresh herbs. This is the perfect dish after a long, hard day at work, where you can relax with a nice glass of red wine and a great film.

Rapid Rump Steaks

If you love your red meat, then you can’t beat a nice, tender piece of rump steak. A core component of many diets, you can improve the nutritional value of this meal with some steamed vegetables. Broccoli, green beans, peas and carrots will perfectly complement the meat. Spice up the dish with a zesty lemon sauce or something similar.

Chicken Burgers

Everyone loves a good chicken burger. Whilst a lot of the burgers you’ll find throughout the big fast-food chains are probably on the unhealthy side, there’s nothing saying you can’t create your own perfect home burger that is as tasty as it is good for you.

Rip into some delicious BBQ chicken burgers that are marinated in a tangy, smoky sauce. Throw in a creamy slaw to add some flavour and healthy goodness. With the craze surrounding gluten-free alternatives, you could even opt for a gluten-free bun to switch things up.

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Pan-Fried Gnocchi

Even though Italian cuisine is typically associated with a high level of carbohydrates, there are still plenty of convenient and wholesome offerings available for those that love their pasta or pizza. Get stuck into some pan-fried gnocchi – perfect if you are planning a weekend lunch with family and friends. Filled with delicious ricotta, pumpkin and crunchy walnuts, this is the ideal meal for those wishing to have a healthier Italian inspired dish.

Greek Chicken and Rice Salad

The traditional Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest diets in the world. This option is really simple – just mix some grilled chicken with a quick brown rice salad. Throw in tomatoes, zucchini and olives for maximum flavour and enjoyment. Top it all off with some traditional Greek yoghurt or tzatziki.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Everyone loves a good dessert; the only problem is almost all of them are really unhealthy. They are generally high in sugar and calories, so many tend to steer clear of the dessert menu when out dining.

But what if you didn’t have to skip dessert? Instead of buttering your toast with avocado, blend some creamy avocados with rich, dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants. Top it all off with scrumptious seasonal fruits and mixed berries – a healthy chocolate mousse that you can look forward to and feel good about afterwards.

Rebecca Kellett DiCioccio is a writer with a particular interest in food and nutrition, and is passionate about helping people to lead healthier lives. She is also a writer and editor for Best in Australia where she reviews content related to health, fitness and nutrition. Rebecca works on behalf of a number of health and wellbeing clients.

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