FAQ: Making the most of your digital edition and trouble shooting tips

Your May issue of NZ Lifestyle Block and NZ Life & Leisure are being published as digital editions on the platform Issuu. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your reading experience.

1. Can I read the digital edition on a mobile phone? 

Yes, though we recommend reading on a desktop computer or tablet for the easiest reading experience. If you are reading the magazine from a mobile phone, downloading the Issuu phone app makes reading the magazine easier. For iPhone users, download the Issuu app at the Apple Store here. For Android (Samsung, etc) users, download the Issuu app here.

2. How can I maximise or enlarge the screen for easy readability? 

To enlarge the screen click on the square frame icon in the corner of the magazine screen. To minimise the screen and make it smaller, click the square frame button again.

3. How do I turn the page and navigate through the screen? 

The arrow icon on the right of the page indicates that the page can be turned.

4. How do I use the “Contents” page?

The “Contents” page is at the beginning of the magazine and is an easy way to go directly to a story. To do so, hover the mouse over the photo (or headline) of the story you wish to read and click to jump directly to that story.

5. What are the “Read More” buttons throughout the magazine?

The “Read More” button indicates there is an extra story available to read on our website (thisnzlife.co.nz). This story will open in a different window and the magazine will remain open to continue reading. Simply click on the button in order to open the extra story.

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6. How do I zoom in and out on text?

To zoom in on the page, drag the plus and minus symbols to the right. Move the mouse over the page to the place you want look at closely.

7. Can I fast forward or quickly flick through the issue? 

Fast forward through the issue by dragging the bar at the bottom of the screen from left to right. You can return to the front of the magazine by dragging the bar from right to left.

8. I have a bad internet connection, can I download the issue to my computer or device?

Yes, the issue is available to download as a PDF. To download the magazine and save it to your computer as a PDF, click on the download arrow at the bottom of the screen. A PDF file will appear in your downloads, which is often in the left corner of your screen. The PDF can be read in a PDF reader programme such as Adobe Reader.

9. Can I share the magazine with friends and family? 

Yes, you can share the magazine by clicking on the share icon (at the bottom of the screen). Select the sharing method from the pop-up box (eg click on the envelope to email the magazine to friends). Sharing methods include posting on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, tweeting on Twitter and sending the digital edition link by email.

10. How can I learn more about an advertisement?

Click on the advertisement to open a new window with more information about their service or product.

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