How to feed your skin the best protection with bioactives

Bioactives in moisturisers promote healthy skin microbiome.

For thousands of years, many cultures have used natural plant-based oils to maintain skin health and beauty. Over the past 20 years, research teams worldwide have amassed scientific and clinical evidence, helping to identify their active constituents and benefits.

For example, plant-based oils higher in linoleic acid, such as sunflower seed oil, may improve the skin’s barrier, whereas oils higher in oleic acid, such as olive oil, may be detrimental. Recent findings confirm the valuable role of essential oils in antimicrobial skincare products and the exciting news that, unlike antibiotics, they do not contribute to the global health issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Bioactive-rich mānuka leaf oil from the East Cape of New Zealand, high in potent triketones and produced in iwi-owned and managed sustainable plantations, is useful in treating many skin infections and is part of the worldwide fight against AMR.

Using mānuka oil-enriched skincare can help maintain and repair the skin barrier by providing hydration, preventing trans-epidermal water loss, maintaining healthy skin microbiota and helping prevent the entry of pathogens and allergens. For this reason, ManukaRx formulates its Pro-Aging Day Cream and Pro-Aging Night Cream with mānuka oil and rosehip oil for naturally better revitalised, hydrated and protected skin.

This is an extract from the autumn edition of Nadia: A Seasonal Journal. This quarterly publication offers on how to grow vegetables and fruit and how to cook for family and friends with homegrown and locally sourced produce.

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