NZ Life & Leisure Reader Lunch with Walk Japan

Join NZ Life & Leisure editor Kate Coughlan for a lunch of sophisticated, smart and sensual food created by masters of modern Japanese cuisine.

Walk Japan Lunch Details

Date: Midday, Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Venue: Ebisu116-118 Quay Street, Britomart, Auckland

What: Join us for a lunch of sophisticated, smart and sensual food created by masters of modern Japanese cuisine*

Why: NZ Life & Leisure knows many of its readers are fascinated by Japan and are intending to travel there in the near future

How: Join Kate and NZ Life & Leisure to hear Paul Christie talk about the Japan of his heart and how he takes visitors to its spiritual core. Paul’s company has created a unique, engaging experience for visitors to a country noted for its layered history, connection with nature and belief in the future. He has long-held contacts in the country set to host one of the world’s largest sporting events (the Rugby World Cup) in 2019

Tickets: $60 per person (full lunch and sake tasting)
Tickets strictly limited. 


*Please notify Niki Joyce by email at if you have any special dietary requirements before October 1 .


Discover the peace and beauty of rural Japan, enjoy  a delicious sensory experience and meet a pioneer of its travel industry. Paul Christie, CEO of leading Japanese tour operator Walk Japan, will inspire wanderlust in travelers wishing to draw on his wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience. Paul’s company has been leading visitors to the cultural heart of this intriguing society for over 25 years.

NZ Life & Leisure is proud to be hosting Paul at this one-off readers’ luncheon. Enjoy the best of modern Japanese cuisine in the elegant surroundings of leading Japanese restaurant Ebisu, and learn from UK-born and educated Paul about his journey. Paul believes his business is as much about connecting international visitors with the society he has long made his home as it is about reinvigorating communities. Paul knows his customers value unique experiences and have a desire to thoroughly engage with Japanese culture and people.




The Kiso Road Trail: Exploring the Japanese countryside by foot with Walk Japan


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