Shake up your next date night in the comfort of your own kitchen

Enjoy a culinary journey with your significant other by cooking a new recipe together. 

Date night gets stale having to recreate the same classic outings; dinner and a movie, go for breakfast and a walk, see another movie then have some dinner… It’s time to shake things up. Light a few candles, put on some Barry White, and cook your significant other something special. Let HelloFresh cater your meal with delicious and simple recipes, equipped with the ingredients in exact quantities you’ll need! If you’ve decided to have a date night in, but you really can’t be bothered stressing out over shopping, let HelloFresh take care of you.


Date nights at home are becoming more and more common. For one, date nights are expensive and also, in recent times, couples have been more accustomed to spending time at home, so why not cook up a storm in the kitchen?

Set up a fine-dining restaurant vibe with candles, wine glasses, and a bouquet. Crack open a bottle of wine, crank the tunes and dig into your HelloFresh meal kit. It’s incredible how much fun cooking can be when everything is laid out in front of you, portioned and perfect.

Sure, going out to dinner is nice, but you’re arriving at your ‘destination’ and missing out on the ‘journey’ of cooking the food. When you master the art of cooking at home, you experience the process of creating the destination! At-home date night meals keep things fresh and spicy.


You’ve found the perfect date night idea, so what’s on the menu? HelloFresh pride themselves on fresh produce and delicious menu plans. Sometimes it’s challenging trying to conjure up new recipes from a ‘reliable source’. We’ve all experienced those dodgy websites that give us recipes that don’t work!

Why choose HelloFresh Meal Kits?

HelloFresh recipes are tested, approved; and they come highly regarded and reviewed by customers all around New Zealand! Check out some of these recipes, including the Indian Coconut Lentil & Roast Cauliflower Bowl!

Another perk of the HelloFresh meal kit delivery service is the skill and knowledge that you’ll retain. From new and improved knife skills, to exciting and delectable flavour combinations and of course, innovative and delicious recipes that you can add to your repertoire. Take the recipes and menu ideas that you learn with HelloFresh to any sort of food-oriented social gathering; your dish will be the talk of the night!

So how does HelloFresh work? It’s a three-step process:

Step 1: Choose what meal plan suits you! How many people are you cooking for, how many recipes you would like per week, and your meal preferences. For example: meat and veg, just veg, family friendly, or calorie smart. Fill out delivery and payment details to finalise your order.

Step 2: Sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination. Eating out is fantastic when you feel like taking a break from cooking and doing the dishes. But if you do that too much, you’re skipping the journey!

Step 3: Some of the most memorable meal experiences come from cranking the tunes, having a glass of wine, and cooking a delicious feed. With dad supplying some impeccable banter and mum feeling more blessed than ever, Mother’s Day at home may be the best one yet.


HelloFresh helps Kiwis eliminate stress in their lives by providing structure to weeknight dinners. Most of us don’t get enough time to shop, cook and eat healthy meals, we’re always so busy with work and socialising. But with HelloFresh, you get to save money and time, and why shouldn’t this include the most important of evenings – date nights?

Why have an expensive night out when HelloFresh can do the heavy lifting for you? Have your date night at home and choose from a selection of healthy recipes that we pack into your meal box delivery every week! Carve out more quality time with your loved one and put together the best romantic dinner with our fresh ingredients.


Enjoy your date night in without stressing out over shopping and get $90 off.

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