The miracle of East Cape mānuka oil as a potent skincare ingredient

Mānuka oil leaves mānuka honey for toast.

Once upon a time, farmers despaired of mānuka bushes spreading across their land. Today they dance for joy, with recent scientific studies showing mānuka oil is hundreds of times more effective as a protector of the skin than honey.

The rugged East Cape of the North Island, with its unique combination of sun, soil and rainfall, grows mānuka plants with unparalleled levels of an essential ingredient called β-triketones.

Scientific studies are proving that oil from the East Cape, which has the highest levels of these potent triketones, is particularly good at fighting gram-positive (bad skin) bacteria. Research is also indicating the oil’s potential as an antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

East Cape mānuka is grown in iwi-owned and managed plantations, with the tips and leaves sustainably harvested and steam-distilled locally to extract its precious oil. The essential oil is used in a range of formulations, from skincare to beauty and even household cleaning. ManukaRx, a New Zealand owned skincare brand exclusively uses East Cape mānuka oil, offers a plethora of scientifically formulated products that are suitable for all skin types and help to restore and rejuvenate compromised skin.


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