What’s On: Auckland Theatre Company presents Things That Matter, 17-29 August 2021

Auckland Theatre Company presents the world premiere of compassionate, illuminating Things That Matter, at ASB Waterfront Theatre from 17-29 August.

For more than 30 years, Dr David Galler has worked on the frontlines of New Zealand’s health system at Middlemore Hospital and in its highest reaches as an advisor to the Ministry of Health. His 2017 memoir, Things That Matter: Stories of life & death, shines a powerful light on the extraordinary patients he met and the struggles our society faces in caring for them.

Now, New Zealand playwright Gary Henderson brings Galler’s best-seller to the stage, expertly weaving stories of his life and of his Jewish Polish immigrant parents, who survived the Holocaust. With dramatised incidents to immerse us in an insider’s realities of intensive care, Things That Matter explores the most challenging decisions that doctors, families and society face.

At a time when matters of life and death consume the headlines and our thoughts, Auckland Theatre Company is proud to present the world premiere of the compassionate, illuminating Things That Matter.


Anapela Polataivao, Director
Petmal Petelo Lam, Assistant Director
Rachel Marlow, Set & Lighting Designer
Brad Gledhill, Set & Lighting Designer
Poulima Salima, Composer
Kingsley Spargo, Sound Designer / Musical Director
Nic Smillie, Costume Designer


Ian Hughes
Greg Johnson
Roza Beckman
Nicola Kanawa
David Aston
Gabrielle Solomona
Jen Huang
Shaan Kesha
Margaret-Mary Hollins
Aleni Tufuga
Vaiari Ivirangi
Petmal Petelo Lam
Elsie Ropati

Buy tickets for Things That Matter from Auckland Theatre Company here.

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