What’s On: Ayrlies Plant Fair 2020

The third annual Ayrlies Plant Fair has been postponed until further notice.

The art of gardening and cultivation is centre stage as one of the nation’s most famous gardens hosts a unique plant fair on site. The two day event at Ayrlies features the sale of unusual exotic and native plants, sub-tropicals, heritage perennials, irises, day lilies, orchids, bulbs, bromeliads, air plants, heritage and hybrid roses, magnolias, rare and unusual blubs and bamboos – all nurtured by a team of over 20 specialist plant growers who have supplied flora to the garden.

Visitors are welcome to explore the property including its lake and wetland. A pop-up café and live music are part of the mix.

Ayrlies 125 Potts Road, Whitford, Auckland


About Ayrlies

The Garden now covers some 4 hectares of rolling terrain, with large lawns, ponds and waterfalls. A seamless flow of informal borders incorporate a detailed use of plant textures and colour. Some areas feature roses, clematis and perennials; others contain lush, sub-tropical plants, such as Petrea, Alocasia, bromeliads, vireya rhododendrons and Ficus dammaropsis. It also includes many large trees – mostly liquidambar, swamp cypress and pin oak – which have grown rapidly in the warm wet climate. Each area has its own emphasis but merges easily into the next, always preserving the harmony of the whole.

Now over 50 years the garden is nearing maturity. Trees and shrubs form a changing backdrop for the garden. View lines to the Hauraki Gulf and within the garden are preserved with careful arboriculture. A large Ayrlies Wetland area links the garden to the sea.

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The New Zealand Gardens Trust has ranked Ayrlies as a Garden of International Significance. This is the top ranking a garden can be awarded and is defined as providing New Zealand’s top garden experience, achieving and maintaining the highest level of presentation, design and plant interest throughout the year.Gardens with this ranking are considered the complete quintessential package, inspiring garden lovers and delivering an experience above all other gardens.

The New Zealand Gardens Trust was established as Trust of the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture in March 2004 to promote the best in New Zealand gardens and horticulture.

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