What’s On: “Coastal Pilgrimage” by landscape painter Maria Napier at Turua Gallery, 25 February to 10 March 2022

Contemporary landscape painter Maria Napier’s upcoming exhibition at Turua Gallery, located in St Heliers in central Auckland, will capture unique moments of coastal beauty at a myriad of iconic East Coast locations.  

Maria Napier‘s first solo exhibition “Coastal Pilgrimage” celebrates iconic East Coast locations from around the Coromandel Peninsula to North of the Auckland region. Showing at Turua Gallery from 25th February to 10 March, this show promises to have you hankering for days at your special East Coast beach.

With the abundance of coastline surrounding Aotearoa, the coast holds a special place in the hearts of many Kiwis. Many consider a specific coastal location their “special” place. The “bach” is part of our history that has seen generations of family members returning to such places to share special times. These places hold memories and stories of times past and also connections to those who have passed. While these places are familiar to us, the coast is constantly subtly changing and evolving over time and inevitably holds something visually new each time we visit.

Maria seeks to capture the unique moments of beauty brought about by light, season, weather or tidal conditions. The draw of the coast, the stories and memories it holds and its dynamic evolving state is a constant source of inspiration linking the past and present.

Please join us for opening night, Friday 25 February from 5pm or head online to turuagallery.co.nz

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