16 feijoa varieties to plant for your ideal harvest time

Plan your feijoa season ahead of time by selecting the ideal variety for your garden. 

Words & images: Jenny Garing


Anatoki: new variety, very early season, round-shaped fruit
Kaiteri: large (up to 300g+), very sweet, very early-season
Kakariki: very sweet, very large fruit
Unique: prolific from young age, only self-fertile feijoa, small-medium size, mildly-sweet, juicy fruit


Kakapo: pale green skin, mild, sweet flavour
Apollo: medium-large size, excellent flavour, early season
Pounamu: very dark coloured fruit, medium size, tangy flavour, aromatic
Wiki Tu: dwarf tree, huge, sweet, fleshy fruit


Antoinette: large, sweet, mildly aromatic fruit, harvest April-May
Den’s Choice: medium-large fruit, great flavour, juicy pulp, harvest April-May
Mammoth: medium-sized fruit, soft, juicy, grainy, harvest April-May
Opal Star: bushy/hedging growth, rich, aromatic fruit, harvest April-May
Triumph: medium-size, slightly gritty, juicy, harvest April-May
White Goose: large fruit, very sweet, harvest April-May
Bambina: dwarf tree, tiny, sweet, juicy fruit, edible skin, harvest May
Golden Goose: large to extra-large fruit, ripen to very sweet once picked, harvest May-June


Only the Unique variety is self-fertile. All other varieties need to cross-pollinate with at least one other variety which flowers/fruits at the same time to get fruit.


Choose any variety if located on the North Island, the top of South Island and the West Coast.

Choose early varieties if located in Canterbury, Otago and Southland. The best options are Apollo, Pounamu and Unique.

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