My Neck Of The Woods

Lynda Hallinan's shear hard slog

As the alert level 4 lockdown deadline loomed, Lynda Hallinan hastily followed her father's footsteps into the woolshed.

Michael Van de Elzen's Blog: Rural roots

Chef Michael Van de Elzen is turning his summer harvest into something special.

Lynda Hallinan's Guest Blog: Lambs (not) to the slaughter

Lynda insists on keeping her lambs as pets, even as they (predictably) wreak havoc on her home.

Guest Blog: 'How my veggie patch has helped me grow'

Our guest blogger Poppy Vink shares what she’s learned starting a veggie patch from scratch and how her budding garden has helped with her mental health.

Guest Blog: Ashia Ismail-Singer’s journey to My Indian Kitchen

It was a bout of homesickness that prompted Malawi-born New Zealander Ashia Ismail-Singer to start her blog.

Guest blog: How to have a Merry zero-waste Christmas

Krystal Sayer doesn’t let her sustainable intentions fly out the window with Santa’s reindeer.

Guest blog: 'How deep-mulching transformed my garden'

Guest blogger Elien Lewis doesn't let a shady garden stop her from producing a bounty of produce.

Guest blogger: Living the good life in Te Akau

Never a day goes by without Laura MacDonald's toddler eating dirt. But that doesn't stop her living the good life on her rural property in Te Akau.

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