5 leafy greens to plant in March

Endive salad green


If you love salads, there are some great leafy options to sow and enjoy this autumn, and one has a sweet little bonus.

1. Endive

Light tangy to bitter flavour, some finer-leaved varieties can be harvested whole like a head of lettuce or you can cut side growth repeatedly for more tender leaves. Other varieties have thicker, crisper leaves that can be eaten raw, or boiled or steamed.

2. Minutina

Mild flavour, cold hardy, makes a great base salad leaf, goes well with lemon balm, arugula and miner’s lettuce, suits a light vinaigrette.

3. Rocket

Peppery, nutty flavour to spice up an autumn salad, gets best flavour when sown in autumn and spring, easy and fast to grow.

4. Miner’s lettuce

Fresh, mild taste, easy to grow and will sow itself everywhere, heart-shaped leaves can be eaten fresh or cooked like spinach.


Strawberry Spinach

5. Strawberry spinach

A leafy green heirloom with a bonus! Small, light green leaves can be eaten like spinach, raw or cooked, but it also grows little strawberry-like fruits along its stem. Wait until these are dark red and soft – they aren’t as sweet as a strawberry but still delicious.


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