An unexpectedly delicious method for making vegan bacon

Learn how to reduce waste by turning your banana skins into a vegan, sugar-free snack

Words: Sarah Templeton and Naomi Porter  Images: Naomi Porter

As we all attempt to cut down on our levels of food waste this year, ex-Masterchef NZ contestant and New Zealand cook Naomi Porter has shared an easy recipe for cutting back waste.

In a Reel shared on her Facebook page, Naomi has shared how she makes vegan bacon out of none other than leftover banana skins.


Scrape the leftover fruit and any stringy bits off the banana skin (a spoon well works for this), and tear them into thirds.
Make the marinade to taste: Naomi combines soy sauce, sugar, maple syrup garlic and paprika. Mix
Soak your banana pieces in the marinade for 10 minutes.
“Now for the fun part – cooking”.
Fry the banana pieces off in a hot pan, pouring the remaining dressing over the top
Once cooked, enjoy the savoury, crunchy snack .

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