Behind the scenes at the September/ October issue of NZ Life & Leisure cover shoot at Hortensia House

Behind the scenes on the September/October 2018 NZ Life & Leisure cover shoot

A short extract from the September/October issue of NZ Life & Leisure:

Huguette Michel-Fleurie, an alarmingly forthright Frenchwoman, isn’t easily alarmed herself. A ferret attack in the chook house shakes her – but not the imminence of hundreds of visitors about to stream through her property’s stone gates
“I don’t want to know the things I am supposed to do. I just plant,” she says of the 2ha of garden trailing 100 metres along both sides of Spring Creek and spreading in waves of flowering glory under the canopy of tall trees surrounding Hortensia House. This garden, named after its many hydrangeas, is always a favourite on the Wairau Plains tour during the annual Garden Marlborough festival and has been for many of the festival’s 25 years. The prospect of so many visitors doesn’t bother its owner too much.
“My girlfriends say, ‘Oh, are you coming to hear the guy talking about compost, and there’s another one talking about landscaping?’ I don’t want to know; I just plant the thing. If they grow and they’re happy, it’s okay. If they die, it’s okay.
I will plant something else.”

September/October 2018 issue of NZ Life & Leisure.

Learn more about Huguette Michel-Fleurie and how she created Hortensia Garden in the September/October issue of NZ Life & Leisure, on sale 27 August. 



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