Classic baking: Yoyo recipe



These  yoyos are guaranteed to melt-in-the-mouth. This classic sweet treat is quick to make and will no doubt be an absolute crowd pleaser.

Prep time – 15 minutes
Cook time – 20 minutes
Serves – makes 15 pairs



250g butter
140g icing sugar
300g standard flour
100g custard powder
20g powdered fruit of choice


40g  butter
140g icing sugar
20g custard powder
20g powdered fruit of choice
2 Tbsp boiling water

BISCUIT – heat oven to 160oC

1. Cream together butter  and icing sugar until pale.

2. Add dry ingredients and knead lightly until a dough is formed.

3. Divide into 30 equal parts.

4. Roll into balls and flatten to a half yoyo shape.

5. Place on an unlined baking tray and bake for 12 minutes.

6. Remove from oven and cool on a rack.


1. Mix all ingredients except the boiling water.

2. Add water a Tbsp at a time to make sure the icing is the right consistency. Blend until smooth.

3. Smear icing on one side of a yoyo.

4. Sandwich with another side.

5. Store in a biscuit tin.


This recipe was created by one of Westgold’s farming families and was made using Westgold butter.



NZ Life and Leisure This article first appeared in NZ Life & Leisure Magazine.

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