Coop of the month: Hönshus-1

concept chicken coop

There’s no reason your hens shouldn’t live in style. Each month we will bring you a little bit of chicken inspiration, this month: the concept coop Hönshus-1

Hönshus-1 is a wooden hen house designed and built by a Swedish architect, Torsten Ottesjö.

View from the chicken coop.

View from the chicken coop.

It rests on a framework of steel legs drilled into a rock slope overlooking an inlet, allowing its feathered residents a sea view.

concept chicken coop

The house was designed to mimic the way a mother hen spreads her wings to protect her young and is programmed to simulate a natural daylight rhythm.


The hen house is the second in a series of biomorphic structures built by Torsten. Biomorphism is designed on naturally-occurring patterns and living organisms. Torsten says he is inspired by nature, improvisation, and simplicity.


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