DIY: Make your own biodegradable seedling pots

These newspaper seedling pots can be planted straight into the ground.

Words and photos: Rebecca Needham

Here is a way of making your own seedling pots, which can then be planted straight into the ground. The newspaper simply breaks down in the ground and it prevents transplant shock. They are easy to make and kind to the environment and the only equipment that is needed is a newspaper, scissors and a jar or bottle in which to wrap the paper around.

Step 1: Cut the newspaper to approx 40cm x 15cm

Step 2: Fold one edge over approx 2cm, crease then unfold. (This becomes the top of the pot)

Step 3: Using a jar or bottle, roll the newspaper around it, leaving approx 4cm overhanging at the end opposite to the crease you’ve made.

Step 4: Tipping the bottle upside down, fold in the edge of the paper on both sides to the centre of the bottle and pinch the edges to make it sturdier. This forms the bottom of the pot.

Step 5: Turn up the right way, remove the bottle then fold the top of the paper inside following the line of the crease previously made.

Done. Once the soil is placed inside the pot it will help to keep the pot sturdy. Once the seedling is at the desired size to replant, just make a hole in the soil big enough for the pot to fit into and put it in. The newspaper will break down in the ground.

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