How to build an origami kiwi for Bird of the Year

Bird of the Year is back from  2 to 15 November and, in 2020,  NZ Life & Leisure is supporting  the little spotted kiwi (kiwi pukupuku). One of the most vulnerable and smallest of New Zealand’s kiwi species, its numbers have declined to 1600. This paper kiwi is an easy origami project for beginners and kids.

Video by Alexander Ingram

About the Little Spotted Kiwi/ Kiwi Pukupuku

 Kiwi pukupuku are quite vocal. You will occasionally hear them send out a call to mark their territory and to maintain contact with partners. When in contact with their mate, the pairs will often duet. However, they can be fierce with rivals for territory and will fight with their sharp claws, resulting in a cloud of feathers on the ground.

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