Inside an otherworldly chicken coop that lights up over winter

This unusual coop is also a feature of the landscape at night.

Photos: Kristina Barker

The brief for architect Brad Tomecek from the owners of Black Hills Farm was to design a coop that would be worth looking at.

“Architecturally, the primary goal was to elevate the design of a typically uninspired structure, without sacrificing its effectiveness.”

The owners live on a small block in Black Hawk, about an hour’s drive east of Denver, Colorado, and have a flock of 30 hens.

The 3m x 3m x 3m cube has a wooden frame and sits on four concrete blocks. It has translucent panels and a cedar insert for the nesting boxes. The wall panels are perforated around the top for ventilation.

Lighting up: The coop has lights so the owners can extend the laying period during winter. The coop doubles as a lantern at night and is visible from around the property.

Designer: Brad Tomecek / / @tomecekstudio

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