How to make a hanging lettuce ball

Create this lettuce sphere as a homegrown gift or an edible  patio decoration.

Words:  Jane Wrigglesworth

This edible sphere is easy to create but tricky to transport. Ideally, it’s best created in situ, but if it’s for a gift, use a wire plant stand when transporting it for minimal damage.


1 x 30cm hanging basket with coir or sphagnum moss liner
good quality potting mix
selection of lettuce seedlings

Note: You need at least 20 seedlings – more if you are doing it at the last minute – so sowing seeds is ideal.


Step 1: Sit your hanging basket on an empty plant pot or wire plant stand to work. Add a small amount of potting mix to the base of the basket.

Step 2: Cut slits in the sides of the liner and insert lettuce seedlings at the base. The roots should rest on top of the soil inside the basket.

Step 3: Add more potting mix to cover the lettuce roots. Continue cutting the lining and adding more lettuce seedlings until the basket is adequately covered. The seedlings will hang down initially, but they will eventually perk up once they start growing.

Step 4: Fill the basket to the top with potting mix and pot seedlings in the top so it forms a ball shape. Hang your basket in position and fill the bottom of the basket with seedlings as well. Water well, and keep well-watered while the plants are growing.

The basket will soon fill out as the seedlings grow and form the shape of a ball.

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