Recipe: Deconstructed Grilled Peach and Raspberry Cheesecake


This deconstructed cheesecake is from Holly Shaw at the Town Mouse Cafe, Pukekohe.


½ packet super wine biscuits
500g cream cheese
150ml cream
80g icing sugar
2 peaches
freeze-dried raspberries
2 tablespoons coconut chips
Secret Garden edible flower petals


Crush biscuits to a fine crumb. Place cream cheese and icing sugar in the bowl of a kitchen mixer and beat until smooth. Reduce speed while pouring in cream. Increase speed and beat until light and fluffy. Place in a piping bag and leave in fridge for 10 minutes to set.

Meanwhile stone and cut the peaches into cheeks or wedges. Sprinkle with icing sugar and use a blow torch to caramelize (or place in 250-degree-Celsius oven for 5 to
10 minutes).

To assemble, arrange 3 to 4 small blobs of cheesecake mix close together on each plate. Sprinkle crumbs in between and arrange peaches and freeze-dried raspberries. Sprinkle a few pieces of coconut on top and garnish with flower petals. Serves 6

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