Two delicious sourdough bread variations to try

The basic sourdough boule recipe printed in our special edition In Your Backyard: Sustainability Through the Seasons,  can be used to make many variations. After you’re confident with the original recipe, try these delicious additions.

Recipes and photos: Nicola Galloway

Adding pumpkin to this dough creates a wonderfully moist crumb that keeps the bread soft for days. Other roasted vegetables, such as beetroot and kūmara, can also be used in place of the pumpkin.

Makes approx. 1kg bread

1 quantity Sourdough Boule recipe, prepared up to stage 2
120g roasted pumpkin, mashed
teaspoon turmeric (optional)

Follow the steps for the Sourdough Boule recipe. At stage 3, add the roasted pumpkin and turmeric along with the salt and mix well.
If the dough seems dry (this will depend on the pumpkin’s moisture), add 1-2 tablespoons water to loosen. Continue with the remaining steps for the Sourdough Boule.

This is a special-occasion bread to make for a weekend brunch with friends. Don’t skip soaking the prunes or the bread will have a heavy, dry crumb when baked.

Makes approx. 1.1kg bread

1 quantity Sourdough Boule recipe
50g prunes, roughly chopped
50g extra filtered water or orange juice
50g toasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped
50g dark chocolate, roughly chopped?
2 teaspoons mixed spice

Follow the steps for the Sourdough Boule recipe. At step 1, when preparing the pre-ferment, combine prunes and extra water or orange juice in a small bowl to soak for 6-8 hours. Keep covered.
At step 3, add the soaked prunes, hazelnuts, chocolate and mixed spice. Mix well and continue with the remaining steps of the Sourdough Boule.

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Note: This dough doesn’t need to be scored as the chunks of prunes and hazelnuts poke through it to create a web of cracks as the bread rises in the oven.

Nicola Galloway is the author of four cookbooks including the acclaimed Homegrown Kitchen cookbook (Highly Commended – The Foodies – NZ Food Media Awards 2019). She has been running cooking workshops for 16 years and regularly teaches around New Zealand sharing her extensive knowledge on sourdough bread making, natural fermentation and home preserving. Find more recipes on her award-winning website


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