What to do in the garden this February

Deadhead flowers, and sow late summer peas and beans this month.

Words: Jane Bellerby


• Keep the gardens watered to minimise stress on plants. Stressed plants are more likely to succumb to predation and disease.

• As flowers finish, dehead, give a light liquid or compost feed and a good water to encourage a late summer/autumnal flush of colour.

• Weed control is always important to stop seeding which increases the weed burden on the garden (and the gardener).

• Sowing annual and perennial seeds now means they can be planted out either before autumn or potted on and held over winter ready for spring planting.

• Have a good look at what is doing well in other gardens in your area. If the heat is withering your garden consider planting tougher ornamentals more suited to your conditions.



• Harvesting produce as it matures, and eating, sharing or preserving it in some way will be a regular activity over the next couple of months.

• Think ahead and prepare ground, then plant seeds for autumn and winter eating. Options include broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower, lettuce, celery, and loose-leaved and cos lettuces.

• Protect brassicas against butterflies with fine mesh or a BT spray.

• Small sowings of late peas and beans can go in this month.

• Keep the garden well watered. I know I’ve said it a million times but it’s vital plants get a deep watering about once a week in hot dry conditions.

• Preserve and dry what you can or share your excess fresh food with others.

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