6 hands-on projects for sprucing up the garden

There’s never a better time to add affordable improvements to the garden. 

Build a vertical Spud Stacker (for only $35)

Freshly spuds are glorious but can take up coveted growing space in the veggie patch. This Spud Stacker encourages vertical plant growth and tidily contains backfilled soil.

Make a garden cloche

A cloche provides protection for newly planted seedlings, keeping insects, pests and adverse weather at bay.

Build an underground worm farm

Keep worms happy year-round with this easy-to-build underground worm farm.

Make a hanging bird bath

Made with twigs ‘n’ twine and a pot-plant saucer, this bird bath will appeal to the arty gardener.

Make a self-watering container garden

Lettuce, herbs or flowers will stay hydrated all summer long in this self-watering container garden.

Make a vertical growing frame for climbing veggies

This easy-to-make A-frame gives veggies in the gourd family a place to grow up.

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