DIY: herbal seed bombs

Words: Jane Wrigglesworth 

Seed bombs are easy to make and a fun project for kids. The idea is that the ‘bombs’ can be lobbed over fences to abandoned land or down city gullies and grow into bee-attracting blooms or herbs.

The seeds are encased in balls of soil that eventually break apart, allowing the seeds to grow.  Wildflower seeds are ideal – try a mix of flower seeds – although herbs such as basil and camomile are great too. When making these with children make sure they know to never throw a seed bomb in a conservation area or on farm land.

You need:• 4 parts clay soil (you can also use terracotta clay powder, available online or from pottery suppliers)• 1 part compost• 1 part seeds
Mix the seeds and compost together (if using 1 cup of compost, use 1 cup seeds; if using ½ cup compost, use ½ cup seeds, etc). Add the clay soil and mix together. Add enough water to dampen the mix and roll into giant marble-size balls. Allow to dry for 24 hours and then they are ready to throw! Keep the balls in a cool, dark, dry place. If making these as a present, it’s best to prepare them a few days before gifting.

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