DIY Project: Make a bandana for your small dog

Small pooches can step up their style with this easy-to-make bandana. 

Words and photos supplied by Spotlight 


1/2 metre of fabric, we used cotton print
Cotton thread to coordinate
Sewing machine


Step 1: Using template cut two from fabric making sure to place pattern on fold as indicated.

Note: if using a one way print place pattern as you would want print to face when finished.

Step 2: Pin right sides together (fabric print inwards). Sew .5cm seam around edge, pivoting at the corners & point. Remember to leave an opening where indicated on pattern template so you can turn out.

Step 3: Turn out and iron. Stitch around edge ensuring to close neatly the opening.

Step 4: Lastly, fold over where indicated on template and sew on the edge to fasten so dog collar can be passed through. To make for a larger dog increase pattern size by 1/2.

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