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Welcome to our digital editionVery few silver linings come to mind about recent days except perhaps the quiet of the world on pause and the exquisite blueness of the sky. Predictions of idleness never came to much for the NZ Life & Leisure team. We were not allowed to print an edition so instead, we created this beautiful digital issue.
We’ve learned new tricks along the way; some for work and some for home though there’s no longer a distinction between the two. The bathroom mirror showed I was overdue for a haircut so I took matters into my own hands. Now I am missing great chunks of hair where a piece was finally captured in the scissor blades and exasperatedly snipped off. How frustrating is cutting one’s own hair?
My mother Molly has done so for years and maybe this explains her sharp mental faculties. She locked-down alone by choice, not wanting to leave her garden, and does daily aqua-aerobics in an increasingly chilly swimming pool. “For God’s sake Mum,” says brother Phil, “you’ll kill yourself. You are 91 years old you know.”
My 16-month-old mokopuna Livvy laughs with me on FaceTime. She plays peek-a-boo, calls me “Naanaa” and giggles as I reach out to tickle her (while her mother, Ellie, does the real tickling). She runs back to the phone for another tickle and begs for her “Naanaa”.
“I miss you too,” I say, choking up with tears.
“It’s not you Mum,” says heartless Ellie, “she wants a banana.” Digital granny is no match for a real-life banana.
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Stay well and stay strong, these are tough times but we will get through them.

Kate Coughlan Editor, NZ Life & Leisure

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