Make your own pizza oven this summer, and learn to cook in it

In Your Backyard: FOOD & FIRE from This NZ Life on Vimeo.

Step away from your screens and eat under the stars with NZ Life & Leisure’s new outdoor cooking and DIY book: In Your Backyard: FOOD & FIRE, on sale now.

Inside the pages you’ll find everything any New Zealander needs to know about cooking in their backyard; barbecues, pizza ovens – and even how to build one. FOOD & FIRE is packed with recipes including step-by-step instructions for making your own sausages, the best way to cook a steak, make pizza dough and sizzling satay. New Zealand’s leading cooks and foodies provide their secret tips and tricks for successful outdoor cooking including how to cook an entire Christmas feast on the grill.

Cook Christmas on the barbecue from This NZ Life on Vimeo.

One of the hottest food trends sweeping restaurants around the globe is cooking with fire; often outside – no need for gas or electricity. FOOD & FIRE offers inspiration for cooking with fire from around the world: American low-and-slow barbecue, a paella dish from Spain and Japanese yakitori.
FOOD & FIRE also includes 5 how-to videos to help readers create DIY projects at home. The video tutorial that accompanies the seven-page guide to constructing a pizza oven makes this a comprehensive guide for those looking for an outdoor project this summer.


FOOD & FIRE is available in bookstores and supermarkets for $19.90 or direct online at

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