Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2020 medal winners revealed

In a world that’s a little topsy-turvy it’s wonderful to celebrate great New Zealand produce with the announcement of 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards medal winners.

NZ Life & Leisure’s Lucy Corry sampling milk.

Twenty-five judges and eight stewards worked in panels to assess a record 225 food and drink entries at AUT School of Hospitality & Tourism on Saturday 7 March 2020. Following the judges’ assessment of aroma, appearance, taste, texture and quality which accounted for 75% of marks, products were assessed for sustainability and brand story.

Shoppers will recognise outstanding food and drink as they proudly wear Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards gold, silver and bronze medals—a guarantee of product quality.

For the fourth year judging was overseen by champion of NZ produce, Lauraine Jacobs. She noted it it was exciting to see many more entries, all of which displayed great depth of innovation and attention to detail in production.

“The judging team welcomed back many long term producers and were pleased to note consistency and continued excellence in every aspect including presentation and sustainability, of our food. It was equally exciting to have the opportunity to examine many first time entries that were original, delicious and often inventive.”

“I encourage food lovers to seek out the medal winners’ products and show their support for our farmers and food producers by endeavouring to always buy local New Zealand produce when possible.”

Lauraine Jacobs

Head Judge Lauraine Jacobs kept everyone in check.

The 15% of marks allocated for sustainability were assessed by two specialist judges; Fiona Stephenson and Holly Leach, both from the Sustainable Business Network. Following the assessments Fiona noted, “A growing number of New Zealand food businesses are recognising the importance of sustainability, and incorporating good environmental and social practices in their business operations, which is very encouraging. This includes consideration of ingredients, land use, water, waste, transport, energy, climate, packaging, community engagement and staff wellbeing.”

“Food businesses that address these issues are helping regenerate NZ’s food system to one that is more resilient, healthy and environmentally and socially-responsible. It’s good for our environment, good for people, and good for business.”

Co-organiser of the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, Kathie Bartley said “we had an varied range of products again this year – plenty of sausages and value added meat products such as flavoured beef, venison or chicken patties, a huge range of honey, dairy free yoghurt and ice cream, convenience pre-cooked meals, cereals packed with nuts, seeds and fruit. These sat alongside a stellar line up of NZ dairy including; specialty cheeses, butter, cow and sheep milk and ice cream.”

NZ Life & Leisure’s Emma Rawson sipping kombucha.

“This year we gave drink its own category and were pleased to see continued growth in kefir and kombucha entries as well as teas, fruit cordials and artesian mineral waters.”

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Co-organiser Nicola McConnell noted that after four years of Awards “I urge food lovers to look for products with our Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal stickers. These stickers are an independent endorsement of quality—a promise to food lovers that the food and drink products will be delicious!”

Kathie and Nicola thanked the very talented team of food professionals who give their time and taste buds to judge the 2020 awards. They were Head Judge Lauraine Jacobs and specialist sustainability judges Fiona Stephenson and Holly Leach as well as; Michelle Jones, Suzanne Sparrow, Alice Neville, Petra Mihaljevich, Amanda Thompson, Kate Underwood , Lynda Hallinan, John Kelleher, Kathy Paterson, Emma Rawson, Shaun Clouston, Mat Mclean, Andy Aitken, Aaron Pooch, Richard Emerson, James Thomas and Lucy Corry.

The Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Award Judges.


All Gold Medal winners are in contention for the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards Supreme Champion, Category Champion and Special Awards, which will be announced on Tuesday 21 April. Awards to be announced are: Emerson’s Dairy Champion, Farro Earth Champion, Giesen Wines Paddock Champion, Seafood NZ Water Champion and Label & Litho Drink Champion; one of which will be also named 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Supreme Champion. NZ Life & Leisure Spirit of New Zealand Award, Outstanding Sustainability, FMCG Business Outstanding New Product, Fresh.co.nz Outstanding Startup Producer and Outstanding Free-From Product and Coast People’s Choice Awards for Outstanding Food Producer and Outstanding NZ Farmers’ Market will also be revealed then.

The steward team.


Congratulations to the all the 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards medal winners. These products represent the finest as assessed by our judging panel. Look out for this promise of quality with gold, silver and bronze medal stickers when you shop.



Clevedon Herbs & Produce, Fresh Seasonal Herb & Produce Box

Blue Frog Breakfast, Manuka Honey & Hemp Heart Probiotic Porridge

Fix & Fogg, Everything Butter

Forty Thieves Chai Spiced Almond with Fruit Pieces

Foundry Chocolate, Masidau Farm, Vanuatu 70%

Foundry Chocolate, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70%

Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey – 200+ MGO

Heilala Oak Aged Vanilla Extract

Hunt and Gather Bee Co, Kanuka Honey

Lewis Farms, Whole Berry Strawberry Jam

Little Bird Organics, Good Cookie Double Chocolate Chip

Little Lato, Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Gelato

Paneton Bakery Ready To Use Flaky Pastry

Piece of Cake Peanut Brittle, Chilli and Beer

Pinoli Pine Nuts

Proper Tortilla Chips Cheeza-Peno

Roebuck Farm, Rainbow Mix Microgreens

Totara Cottage Balsamic Cheese Crackers


Appleby Farms Coffee Ice Cream

Appleby Farms Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Bella Vacca Jerseys Milk

Bellefield Black Garlic Cultured Butter

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Charing Cross Sheep Dairy, Marinated Labneh balls

Fernglen Farm, Pure NZ Sheep Milk

Jersey Girl Organics , Organic Full Cream, A2 Jersey milk

Kaikoura Cheese, Laugesen

Pure New Zealand Ice Cream, Boysenberry Ice Cream

Whitestone Cheese Co, Ferry Road Halloumi

Whitestone Cheese Co, Windsor Blue

Whitestone Cheese Co, Vintage Five Forks

Whitestone Cheese Co, Lindis Pass Brie


Ngati Porou Fisheries, Ahia Freshly Smoked Kahawai Manuka Honey

Genevieve’s, Mahurangi Oyster Mousse


Bostock Brothers, Whole Bird Chicken

Bostock Brothers, Chicken Thighs

Bostock Brothers, Chicken Breasts

Coastal Spring Lamb Back Strap

The Neat Meat Company , Harmony Taupo Beef Picanha Steak

Wairarapa Eggs – A Good Egg, Chester Rd Premium Free Range Eggs

Zaroa NZ, Pohutakawa Smoked & Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Brisket


Forage & Ferment, Wild Kefir Ginger Root



Augustines of Central, Apricot Jam

Blue Frog Breakfast, Black Doris Plum, Dragon Fruit & Coconut

Creative Cooking, Superseed Crackers – Macadamia Nut

Egmont Honey Manuka UMF 5+ / MGO 85+

Fix & Fogg, Chocolate Almond Butter

Fix & Fogg, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Forage & Ferment, Super Seed Kraut

Forty Thieves Peanut Butter Crunchy

Forty Thieves Scorched Almond with Organic Cocoa

Frozen Bliss Coconut Ice Cream, Strawberry Sensation

Foundry Chocolate, Ucayali River, Peru 70%

Go Wild, Chatham Islands Freeze Dried Honey

The Damson Collection, Spicy Damson Plum Ketchup

Good Bugs Kiss Me Kimchi, Hot Vegan Kimchi

Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey 100+ MGO

Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey 400+ MGO

Greytown Honey, Wildflower Honey

Greytown Honey, Clover Honey

Greytown Honey, Rewarewa Honey

Greytown Honey, Kamahi Honey

Hinakura Honey, Aotea Manuka Honey 300+MGO

Kaimai Range Honey, Rewarewa Honey

Kimbella’s Candy Old Fashioned Cashew Brittle

Kohkoz, For The Love of Garlic

Kohkoz, Smoky Baba Ghanoush

Kohkoz, Golden Falafel Bites

Little Bird Organics, Good Macaroons Passionfruit Macadamia

Martinborough Jelly Co, Pinot Noir Grape Jelly

Te Mata Figs, Fig Vincotto

Pure Delish, Raspberry Crunch Quinoa Grain-ola

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, Boysenberry

Raglan Food Co, Organic Blackcurrant & Vanilla

Sweetree Four Brothers Reserve Honey

The Lucky Taco, Sizzlin’ Steak Taco Kit

The Muesli Company, Macadamia Gold – Gluten Free Muesli

Waiheke Herbs Asian Herb Spread


Anabelle Fine Fresh Cheeses, Sheep Fromage Frais

Appleby Farms Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Bellefield Crème Fraîche

Bellefield Brown Butter Ghee

Cranky Goat Provencal

Cranky Goat The Lynton

Nieuwenhuis Farmstead Cheese, Te Aute (Aged Fresh Goat Cheese)

Nieuwenhuis Farmstead Cheese,Marinated Cloud (Fresh Goat Cheese)

Pure New Zealand Ice Cream, Blackcurrant & Coconut Gelato

Waimata Cheese, Sheep Milk Camembert

Whitestone Cheese Co, Mt Domet Double Cream Brie

Whitestone Cheese Co, Vintage Windsor Blue

Whitestone Cheese Co, Aged Airedale

Whitestone Cheese Co, Island Stream

Whitestone Cheese Co, Farmhouse

Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, Smokey Pokey Ice Cream

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Ngati Porou Fisheries, Ahia Freshly Smoked Gemfish & Citrus Spread

Ngati Porou Fisheries, Ahia Freshly Smoked Trevally Horopito & Pepper


A Lady Butcher, Free Range Pancetta

A Lady Butcher, Free Range Lardons

Bavaria NZ Fennel Delight, NZ Free-range Pork and Beef sausage

Craft Pâté, Chicken Liver Parfait

First Light Foods, First Light Wagyu Beef Burgers

First Light Foods, First Light Farm Raised Venison Burgers

L’Authentique Truffle & Mushroom Parfait

L’Authentique Chicken & Bacon Sausage

Olliff Farm Premium Pasture Eggs

Premium Game, Manuka Smoked Wild Venison Bacon

Premium Game, Wild Venison Leg Medallions

The Neat Meat Company, Harmony Taupo Manuka Honey & Hickory Beef Sausages


CH’I Ginger Crunch

CH’I Alkaline Source Water

Fleck – Sparkling Mineral Water

Forage & Ferment, Wild Kefir Berry Blush

Heke Homemade Herbals Soothe

Mother and Daughter, Premium Elderflower Cordial

Quarterpast, Q Mint Chocolate

 Judges Petra Mihaljevich and Alice Neville.



Abdal’s Gourmet Foods Za’atar

Abdal’s Gourmet Foods Shatta

Augustines of Central,Quince & Feijoa Paste

Blue Frog Breakfast, Coco Munch

Forty Thieves Almond Butter Crunchy

Frozen Bliss Coconut Ice Cream Vanilla Bean

Frozen Bliss Coconut Ice Cream Cacao Chocolate

Good Bugs – Ginger Ninja Kimchi

Gourmet Brands NZ, Rempah Ayam Percik

Greytown Honey, Native Honey

Hinakura Honey, Glendhu Multifloral Manuka Honey 80+MGO

Hinakura Honey, Glendryneoch Multifloral honey 75+MGO

Kavitha’s Kitchen NZ – Tantalizing Madras Fusion

Kimbella’s Candy, Old Fashioned Almond Brittle

Kimbella’s Candy, Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle

Kohkoz, Traditional Hummus

Kohkoz, Garlic Hummus

Little Bird Organics Sea Salt and Thyme Almond Crackers

Little Lato, Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Gelato

Molly Woppy Handmade Cranberry Dark Choccy Chunk Artisan Cookies

Proper Tortilla Chips Salted

Something to Crow About Grain Free Breakfast, Walnut, Maple Plum & Hemp

Taste of the Alps, The Hunter, Central Otago Cherry Relish

The Lucky Taco, Chipotle Chicken

The Lucky Taco, Chilli Salt w’ Lemon & Lime

The People’s Pasta – Lentil Ragu Vegan Pasta Meal

The Muesli Company Happy Tum Vegan Bar, Choc Dip

The Tasty Vege Co Ltd, Sweet Surprise Orange Pumpkin


Little Farm Goat Dairy, Goat Cheese – Ellie

Bellefield Clotted Cream

Whitestone Cheese Co, Duntroon

Whitestone Cheese Co, Shenley Station Blue

Whitestone Cheese Co, Drunken Windsor Blue – Bourbon

Whitestone Cheese Co, Drunken Windsor Blue – Whiskey

Whitestone Cheese Co, Creamy Havarti


Bostock Brothers, Chicken and Tarragon Sausages

Frank’s Junior, Porkios with Cheese

Frank’s Junior, Porkios

Illy Bites, Traditional Meaty Air Dried Beef Biltong

L’Authentique Fresh Chorizo Sausage

The People’s Pasta, Pork & Fennel Meatballs Pasta Meal Kit


Ngati Porou Fisheries, Ahia Freshly Smoked Hoki

Ngati Porou Fisheries, Ahia Freshly Smoked Hoki & Saffron Spread


Mother and Daughter, Elderflower and Rhubarb Cordial

Quarterpast, Q Rose Chocolate

Quarterpast, Q Dark Chocolate

Quarterpast, Q Orange Chocolate

Waikirikau Kombucha Te Hotoke Ora (Winter Wellness)

Waikirikau Kombucha Nga Taonga a Papatuanuku (treasures/gifts of the Earth Mother)

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