Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2022: Congratulations to this year’s medal winners

It’s time to celebrate great New Zealand food products with the announcement of 2022 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards medal winners.

Photos: Jay Creaghan/Manic Photography

In what has been hailed as ‘the most exciting year of the Awards to date’ 218 medal winners have been recognised this year’s Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.

Winners span the length of Aotearoa from Northland to Southland and its breadth, from the West Coast over to the Chatham Islands. Additionally they represent a vast range of locally harvest, grown and made foods including mushrooms, meat, preserves, drinks, ice cream and sweets. Results follow two days of judging at Homeland in Auckland earlier in May. Seventy-one percent of all of the more than 300 entries received an accolade with 78 Gold Medals, 86 Silver Medals and 56 Bronze Medals awarded.

From its first year in 2017, one element which has set the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards apart is that each entry is assessed for sustainability with these marks contributing to the final score along with points from tasting and brand story.

Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards organisers Kathie Bartley and Nicola McConnell encouraged Kiwi food lovers to seek out for winning produce which they’ll recognise by distinctive Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. “These medals are consumers’ guarantee that product is harvested, grown or made in Aotearoa and it’s been assessed by experts who recognise it as one the best”, Kathie said.

Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards organisers Kathie Bartley and Nicola McConnell.

Gold, Medal winners are in consideration for the Champions and Special Awards winners which will be announced at the Champions Party 2022 on Tuesday 21 June 2022 at Mantells in Auckland. NZ Life & Leisure July/August issue will feature stories on the Supreme Champion and Category Champions written by ONZFPA judge and NZ Life & Leisure Taste Editor, Lucy Corry. Look out for it on sale from Monday, 27 June 2022.


Gold Medals


4 and 20 Bakery, Country Sourdough Loaf

4 and 20 Bakery, Organic Par Baked Ciabatta

Augustines of Central, Rhubarb in Rose

Black Doris, Plant Based Dessert Bar Chocolate Truffle

Banu’s, Chilli Oil

Cassia at Home, Makhani Sauce

Fix & Fogg, Choc Berry Everything Butter

Forty Thieves, Keto Butter Original

Foundry Chocolate, Anamalai Estate, India 70%

Foundry Chocolate, Semuliki Forest, Uganda 70%

Foundry Chocolate, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70%

Hill Road Orchard, Finger Limes

J. Friend and Co, Uncut Raw Comb Honey of Aotearoa

Maungatapere Native Mushrooms, Maungatapere Mushrooms

Mandys, Horseradish Pure

Mandys, Horseradish Sauce

Martinborough Jelly Co, Pinot Noir Grape Jelly

Makikihi Fries, Two Scoops of Jacket Fries

Minghettis – Black Barley Bread

Nut Brothers Peanut Butter, Probiotic & Cranberry

Opito Bay Salt Co. Opito Bay Natural Sea Salt

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Opito Bay Salt Co. Opito Bay Rosemary Sea Salt

Paneton Bakery, Ready To Bake Paris Sourdough Loaf

Paradise Preserves, Raspberry Jam

Piece of Cake, Vegan Meringues

Proper Snack Foods, Proper Crisps Big Cut

Raptor Naturals, Lucky Kentucky Rub

Raptor Naturals, Handle The Jandal Rub

Robbies Artisan Collection Noir Gärlik, Black Garlic Sauce Gluten Free

Salty River Farm, Baby Leaf Lettuce with Edible Flowers

Shirl & Moss Chocolate, Stoneground Espresso 67% Dark Chocolate Bar

The Clareville Bakery, Durum Wheat Sourdough

The Taipa Salt Pig, Citrus Zest Sea Salt

Wild Delicious, Kimchi Original

Wise Boys, Vegan Smoky Chipotle Aioli


Foundry Chocolate – Single Origin Drinking Chocolate – Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 70%

Foundry Chocolate – Single Origin Drinking Chocolate – Pinalum, Malekula Island, Vanuatu 70%

Hill Road Orchard, Fresh Orange Juice


Bellefield Butter Co, Craft Cultured Butter – Honey and Lemon

Durham Farms , Certified Organic A2 Jersey Whole Milk

Farm Fresh South, Raw Milk

Farm Fresh South, Whole Pasteurised Milk

Jersey Girl Organics, A2 Jersey Milk

Lewis Road Creamery, 10 Star Butter

Lewis Road Creamery, Premium Garlic and Parsley Butter

Little ‘Lato, Roasted Hazelnut

Momojo, Real Kefir, Natural

Momojo, Real Kefir, Strawberry

Nieuwenhuis Farmstead Cheese, Marinated Cloud – Fresh Goat Cheese in oil

Emerson’s Dairy-Free Gold Medals

Little Island Creamery, Nice Blocks Feijoa

Little ‘Lato, Banoffee

Little ‘Lato, Oat Milk Latte


Alliance Group, Pure South Lamb

Alliance Group, Pure South Handpicked Beef – 55 Days Aged

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Size 14 Whole Chicken

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Chicken Drumsticks

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Chicken Nibbles

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Chicken Thighs

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Marinated Butterfly Chicken

L’Authentique, Chicken & Duck Parfait

L’Authentique, Filet Mignon – Garlic

L’Authentique, Truffle Mushroom Parfait

Matangi Angus Beef, Hawkes Bay, Bone In Ribeye- Tomahawk Steak

Middlehurst Delivered, Lamb Rack

Middlehurst Delivered, Oyster Shoulder

Middlehurst Delivered, Lamb Short Ribs

Middlehurst Delivered, Ribeye

Middlehurst Delivered, Backstrap

Middlehurst Delivered, Rump (cap on)

Premium Game, Wild Venison Fillet

Zaroa, Pohutukawa Smoked Black Origin Wagyu Beef Taranaccio


Chester Road, Premium Free Range Eggs

Durham Farms, Certified Organic Mixed Grade Eggs

Olliff Farm, Premium Pasture Eggs

Whangaripo Valley, Traditional Free Range Eggs


Akaroa Salmon, Manuka Hot Smoked Fillet

Chatham Island Food Co & The West Coast Pie Co, Pāua Pies

Chatham Island Food Co, Chatham Blue

Chatham Island Food Co, Pure Pāua Mince

Silver Medals


Alibaba, Alibaba Falafel Mix

Arabello, Peanut Marble

Augustines of Central, Pickled Asparagus

Augustines of Central, Black Doris Jam

Blue Frog, Keto Almond, Peanut & Raspberry

Branch Creek Honey, Branch Creek Creamed Clover Blend Honey

Cassia at Home, Korma Sauce

Cassia at Home, Karahi Sauce

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Culley’s Kitchen, Pickle Mustard

Culley’s Kitchen, Pesto Mayo

Curious Croppers, Summer Medley

Curious Croppers, Large Heirloom Medley

Foundry Chocolate, Pinalum, Malekula Island, Vanuatu 70%

Fix & Fogg, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Fix & Fogg, Almond Everything Butter

Greytown Honey, New Zealand Eco Honey Manuka Honey

Hubbards Legendary Locals, Hawke’s Bay Stonefruit & Vanilla

Jimmy’s Craft Foods, Kiwi Bushmans Wild Game BBQ Sauce – Hot

Kitchen Window, Central Otago Apple & Date Chutney

Mason Brothers, Mason Brothers Manuka Blend Honey MGO 50+

Miel de Collines, Rewarewa Honey

Miel de Collines, Kanuka Honey

Monsflavours, Dish Delicious Spice Blend

Mumma Bear, Berry Best Granola

Omahu Valley Citrus, Citron Marmalade

Opito Bay Salt Co. Smoked Chilli Sea Salt

Opito Bay Salt Co. Black Garlic Sea Salt

Pt Chev Cookies, Salted Caramel Cookies

Paneton Bakery, Ready to Bake Cinnamon Swirls

Peanut Brittle Retro NZ, Peanut Brittle (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Proper Snack Foods, Proper Tortilla Chilli Lime

Proper Snack Foods, Proper Crisps Barbeque Rub

Remarkable Chocolate, Organic 39% Milk Chocolate Bar, Chopped Almonds & Sea Salt

Remarkable Chocolate, Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Remarkable Chocolate, Dark Chocolate S’mores Kit

Secret Kiwi Kitchen, Triple Fudge Brownie Mix with White & Dark Chocolate Chips

Shirl & Moss, Single Estate 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Shirl & Moss, Hazelnut, Orange & Sea Salt 52% Dark Chocolate Bar

Sweetree Honey, Sweetreee Kirikiriroa

Tartan Sari, Spicy Zucchini Pickle

Taste of the Alps, The Cocky, Black Doris Plum & Horseradish Relish

Taste of the Alps, The Fisherman, Bread & Butter Pickle

The Hemp Butter Co, Vanilla Hazel Hemp Butter

The Nut Baron, Caramelised Almonds (Gingerbread)

The Nut Baron, Fiery Almonds (Chilli)

Waiheke Herbs, Native Organic Herb Salt

Wise Boys, Vegan Sriracha Mayo

Zeke’s Gold, Candied Jalapenos


Barker’s of Geraldine, Premium Mixer Soda Syrup NZ Apple & Elderflower

Clover Ferments, Clover Ferments and Fermented Beetroot Tonic

Daily Good Immunity Shots, Organic Fijian Ginger

Daily Good Immunity Shots, Organic Fijian Turmeric

Tempus Tonics, Daily ACV Tonic – Berry

The Tea Thief, Tickety Brew

Taipa Oceanwater, Fresh Water – from seawater

West Coast Cocoa, Peppermint Hot Chocolate

West Coast Cocoa, Dark Deluxe Hot Chocolate


Bellefield Butter Co, Craft Cultured Butter – Truffle

Gelissimo, Musang King Gelato

Lewis Road Creamery, Lemon and Gin Botanicals Ice Cream

Little ‘Lato, Hahei Honey & Cathedral Cove Macadamia

Tex-As Salsas, Verde Drizz

ViaVio, Burrata

Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, Churros

Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery, Boysenberry Cheesecake

Emerson’s Dairy-Free Silver Medals

Little Island Creamery, Chocolate Ice Cream

PURE New Zealand Ice Cream, Damson Plum Sorbet


Aotea Organics, Organic Lamb Salami

Beard Brothers, Beef and Bull Dust

Beard Brothers, Venison Ram Rod

Beard Brothers, Pork Rib Rocker

Harmony, Free Range Porkies Sausages

Harmony, Free Range Pork Mince

Harmony, Free Range Pork Chop

Harmony, Harmony Free Range Pork & Crackle

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L’Authentique, Coppa – Cured Pork Scotch Fillet

L’Authentique, Toulouse

L’Authentique, Chorizo

Matangi Angus Beef, Hawkes Bay, Flat Iron Steaks

The West Coast Pie Company, Wild Nanny Goat Spiced Pie

Zaroa, Kaipara Angus Beef Chorizo Salami


Wairarapa Eggs, Mixed Grade


Akaroa Salmon, Fresh Salmon Fillet

Blackbeards Smokehouse, Chilli & Lime Smoked Mussels

High Country Salmon, Beetroot Cold Smoked Salmon

Bronze Medals


Banus SKR, Banu’s Butter Chicken Sauce

Barker’s of Geraldine, Super Fruit Crush – Mix Berry & Chia

Culley’s Kitchen, Picklenaise

Flour and Dough, Oregano Garlic and Sage Beer Bread

Fruney, Creamed Honey with Raspberry

Feliz Wholefoods, Vutter Hemp

Greytown Honey, New Zealand Eco Honey Bush Honey

Harraways, Less Sugar Strawberry Cream

Hubbards Legendary Locals, Waikato & Manawatu Forest Berries & Cacao Granola

Kitchen Window, Central Otago Pear & Fig Chutney

Kitchen Window, Central Otago Apricot & Chilli Chutney

Little Shaggery Farm, Extra Aged Apple Cider Vinegar

Little Shaggery Farm, Plum Vinegar

Little Shaggery Farm, Quince Vinegar

Little Shaggery Farm, Feijoa Vinegar

Molly Woppy, Dark Choc Caramel Popcorn Artisan Cookies

Bernie’s Bakery, The Mighty Garlic Ciabatta

Mummy’s Yummys, Coconut Creams

Mummy’s Yummys, Lemon Moments

Mummy’s Yummys, Nan’s Jammy Tarts

Noodlechick, Meat No Meat Dumplings – Chicken and Corn

Nut Brothers, Peanut Butter Super 7 Seeds

Opito Bay Salt Co, Furikake

Proper Snack Foods, Proper Sweets & Beets

Raglan Food Co, Vegan Aioli

Raglan Food Co, Vegan Mayo

Rebel Bakehouse, Low Carb Max Bagels

Rebel Bakehouse, Three Cheese Bagels

Remarkable Chocolate, Organic 56% Dark Chocolate Bar – Mint & Crispy Wafer

Robbies, Artisan Honey + Balsamic Pickled Onions

Secret Kiwi Kitchen, White Chocolate Blondie Mix

Shirl & Moss, Fig & Nib 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Shirl & Moss, Toasted Milk 50% Milk Chocolate Bar

Sweetree Honey, Ohinewai Honey

Tex-As Salsas, Salsa Roja

Wild Rimurimu, Kelp Salt and Bush Peppers


Barker’s of Geraldine, Premium Mixer Soda Syrup Pink Grapefruit & Lemon

Daily Good Immunity Shots, Organic Blackcurrant

Friendly Fantail, Turmeric & Vanilla Latte

Friendly Fantail, Turmeric & Cacao Latte

Good Cocktail Co, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixer – Margarita

Manawa Honey NZ, Raw Forest Honey & Lime Infusion

Monsflavours, Turmeric Latte

Pete’s Natural, Feijoa Lemonade

Wild Delicious, Raspberry Ginger Lemon Water Kefir

Wild Delicious, Peppermint Lime Kawakawa Water Kefir


Grinning Gecko Cheese Co, Black Truffle Dip

Lewis Road Creamery, Lactose Free Chocolate Milk

Emerson’s Dairy-Free Bronze Medals

PURE New Zealand Ice Cream, Lime Sorbet

PURE New Zealand Ice Cream, Dark Belgian Chocolate Sorbet


Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Chicken Breast (skin off)

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken, Lemongrass and Lime Spicy Thai Chicken Sausages

Harmony, Free Range Pork Belly

L’Authentique, Chicken & Bacon Sausages

Premium Game, Manuka Smoked Wild Goat Bacon

Traiteur, Wild Venison Terrine


No Bronze Medals awarded

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