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I hope you’re all safe and healthy in your bubble, and welcome to our digital edition. We didn’t want you to miss out on NZ Lifestyle Block because lockdown restrictions mean we are unable to print or distribute a printed magazine for May.

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While it feels like the world around us has changed forever, some things have stayed the same. One of my resident steers moved himself from the paddock to the garden with an elegant jump and a flick of the tail. Mice made it into the kitchen, decimating two boxes of cereal and a bottle of hand cream. The cutlery drawer went Code Brown on three occasions. On the plus side, I now know the most efficient way to sanitise and dry 73 knives, forks, and spoons in just a few minutes, no dishwasher required.

I hope your bubble is pest-free, and as always, thank you for supporting us. (If the pests are bugging you, try these tips.)

Editor, NZ Lifestyle Block

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