Review: A United Kingdom

Rosamund Pike shows off her acting talents in the new drama A United Kingdom.

Review: Rhianna Osborne

Rosamund Pike gave a chilling performance as psychotic ‘Amazing Amy’ in the thriller Gone Girl but in her latest film A United Kingdom, the icy screen queen has the opportunity to give a warmer and more dynamic performance.

The film opened the 60th London Film Festival earlier this year and received rave reviews for the on-screen chemistry and heart-wrenching performances of Rosamund and her co-star David Oyelowo (Selma). Now the film has reached New Zealand screens.

Set in 1948, the film follows the true story of the romance between Seretse Khama, the prince of the British protectorate Bechuanaland (now Botswana), and London office worker Ruth Williams.

What starts as an ordinary love story becomes a political issue as their families and their governments oppose their marriage. Seretse’s succession to the throne comes under threat and creates political tension between the British government and South Africa (Bechuanaland’s neighbouring country).

Ruth and Seretse’s fight for interracial marriage unfolds during the formation of apartheid in South Africa and the couple are forced to endure years of separation.

This is a movie with emotional punch – a tale of defiance and resilience in the face of immense prejudice.

Four stars.
A United Kingdom is in cinemas nationwide.
Reviewed by:
Rhianna Osborne
Editorial intern



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