9 tasty ways to serve wild game and fish

Make the most of your game meats and fish with these nine recipes.

As the weather cools, hearty meat dishes take centre stage. If you have access to game meat or fish, here are a few rustic recipes to add to your repertoire.

Venison Shepherd’s Pie

Venison brings an extra level of luxury to this humble classic.

Rustic Goat Roast with Mash and Salad Greens

A hearty roast so tender it’s bound to become everyone’s favourite.

Rabbit (or Chicken), Leek & Mushroom Pie

This moreish pie can use rabbit or chicken, but is a sensation either way.

Glazed Pheasant with Fragrant Basmati Rice

Pheasant is best with a simple glaze and hearty sauce.

Roast Venison Rack with Red Wine & Pink Peppercorn Glaze

A rack of venison is a true showstopper, and it’s easier to cook than you might think.

Danish Red Beet Soup with Ribs (Rødbedesuppe)

Add goat ribs to this traditional Danish soup.

Sugar-cured Venison with Roasted Balsamic Strawberries & Red Pepper Relish

Save this delicious take on venison for the summer months.

Chianti Duck with Mash

Michael Van de Elzen provides the perfect winter warmer with this flavourful duck recipe.

Cucumber Canapés with Dill Mascarpone & Smoked Fish

Use trout to impress your dinner guests with these fool-proof canapés.


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