DIY: Make an easy sheep-shaped bookcase

Add a touch of country charm to a kid’s bedroom with this cute-as-a-button weekend project.

Words and images: Jane Wrigglesworth


Large pieces of cardboard for the template (appliance packaging is ideal)
6mm x 1200mm x 1200mm sheet of MDF
Drawing compass (or pencil and string)
Wood glue
Paint (I used Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free, in white)



On a large piece of cardboard, draw the shape of a sheep body. I drew mine freehand. It measures approximately 700mm long. If drawing is a challenge, google “outline drawing sheep” for a free download (it will need to be scaled up).



Measure the width of your sheep body (mine measures 320mm) and add on about 70mm to each end. That takes the measurement to 460mm. On another piece of cardboard, draw a circle using the compass (or pencil and string) with a diameter of 460mm.

Draw a further circle 20mm bigger, just outside the first circle. Inside the two circles, draw semi-circles to represent sheep’s wool (see diagram). Cut out the woolly shape.


On another piece of cardboard, draw two circles within each other, as above, one 460mm in diameter and the other 500mm in diameter.

Draw two legs that measure about 240mm long, extending from the outside circle, as shown. Draw half circles within the two circles to look like wool. Cut out the template.


Place your template on the MDF and draw the outline in pencil. Cut out shapes using a jigsaw. Cut slots in the middle of the three circles that measure the same width as the body.

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Cut four shelves (mine measured 160mm wide x 400mm long). Cut two horizontal slots on each circle to fit the body and two shelves (two shelves go on either side of the body).

Cut the first slot 250mm up from ground level (the base of the foot) and another 400mm up from ground level.


Put the pieces together and, if necessary, glue to keep secure. Once the glue has dried, paint the sheep. I used Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free, which, as the name suggests, has no volatile organic compounds.

Sheep bookcase

The completed sheep bookcase.


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