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Lucy Corry offers a cure for those with an addiction to mindless scrolling through social media. 

Heard of doom-scrolling? You might be doing it right now – mindlessly scrolling through endless social media channels, absorbing grim news about the world and angry complaints about not much.

People are dreadful moaners on social media, aren’t they? Anyway, doom-scrolling is the mental equivalent of standing in front of the fridge or pantry and shovelling in whatever you find (especially if it’s of limited nutritional value and/or guaranteed to make you feel awful).

There is a way to stop it – put down that phone and walk away – but we all seem powerless to do so. One thing I’ve noticed is that if you challenge a mindless scroller (including me), they tend to say, ‘oh, I was just… looking for the weather forecast/texting a friend/looking at Instagram’ even though they’ve probably zombied through lots of other screens since then.

So here, in no particular order, are five thought-provoking food-related people I follow on various social media channels. If you’re going to be glued to your phone, you may as well make it worth it, right?


Do you sign up to lots of things and then never get around to reading them? Me too. That changed when I came across Alicia Kennedy, an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking food writer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I now subscribe to and avidly read her weekly newsletter and interviews, which touch on food culture, politics and media. I don’t always agree with her, but she always makes me think. She’s also on Instagram and Twitter.


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I’m a bit obsessed with UK writer Bee Wilson. In 2019 I read her brilliant book, The Way We Eat Now, and set about becoming a one-woman PR person for it.

If you have any interest in food, nutrition and globalisation (Bee says modern eating has become all about ‘unhealthy food, eaten in a hurry’) you should put this on the top of your reading list. You can find her on Instagram or on Twitter.


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There are lots and lots of reasons to know about Manawatu-based photographer and stylist Christall Lowe – not only is she extraordinarily talented but she’s also a lovely person.

Her award-winning Instagram account is beautifully curated and styled (yes, ‘curating’ your Insta is a thing) and very restful to scroll through, though you probably shouldn’t do it on an empty stomach.


Do you mindlessly flick through your phone screens all evening and then realise you are no closer to a) making anything for school lunchboxes or b) fulfilling your New Year resolution to learn te reo?

Then do I have the Instagram for you! Naomi Toilalo combines outrageously beautiful baking with recipes in English AND te reo on her Whanaukai account. If anything is going to help you remember the difference between your huka and your heki, this is it.


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She lives in London, is a croissant-obsessive and has a ridiculously cute and naughty dog called Wilf. How can you not love Felicity Cloake?

If you’ve ever read and enjoyed her Guardian columns (mostly devoted to finding the perfect recipe for iconic dishes) or recipe books, her Instagram won’t disappoint even though she’s had her travelling wings clipped by Covid-19.


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Lastly, just for fun – please go and check out idolcigulliver, an Instagram account run by Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi. He creates Lilliputian scenes where tiny firetrucks spray chocolate sauce over profiteroles, bulldozers scoop up ice cream and swimmers plough through a pool of tiramisu. If joy-scrolling is a thing, this is the account to do it in.


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