Recipe: Kelli Walker’s Zesty Sweetcorn Pickle

Make the most of fresh corn by giving it a zippy fermentation. 

Recipe: Kelli Walker 

Time to make: 20 minutes
Time to ferment: 1-2 weeks (mild), 4-6 weeks (strong)Makes: 6-10 servings

You’ll need a 5-litre crock or a similar-sized glass jar/crock. You can ferment the cobs whole, but cutting them up makes it easier to get more into the container.

Corn is the only vegetable that needs to be quickly blanched before you ferment it, to help break down starches.


6-10 corn cobs, husks removed, cut into 5-10cm pieces
2.5% brine: 5 litres water, 8 tbsp sea salt
Kelli’s Mexican flavour mix: 3-5 jalapenos, 8-10 garlic cloves, 2 sprigs of oregano, 1 sprig of lemon verbena or peel of 1 lime


1. Blanch the corn cobs in boiling water for 30 seconds only – you don’t want to cook the cobs as you would if you were going to freeze them. Cool the corn under cold running water.

2. Make the brine, mixing the salt into the water until it dissolves.

3. Add the flavour ingredients to the jar, then the cooled sweetcorn. Add brine until the sweetcorn is completely covered.

4. Place a weight on top to hold the corn under the brine. Seal the jar.

5. Leave for 1-2 weeks to ferment, ‘burping’ the sealed jar every week or so. You can eat the cobs straight from the jar, or put them on the barbecue for a hot treat.

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