5 delicious ways to use up a courgette glut

Courgettes make a great base for sauces, salty snacks and even sweet treats. 

Recipes: Jane Wrigglesworth

1. Courgette & Banana Loaf

When life gives you courgettes, make a courgette loaf.

2. Courgette Fries

These baked courgette fries make an excellent side dish, or hot nibbles for when you have guests.

3. Courgette Butter

Photo: Jane Wrigglesworth.

This ‘butter’ will keep in the fridge for a few days, or you can freeze it.

4. Rhubarb & Courgette Chutney

Photo: Jane Wrigglesworth.

This homemade chutney is delicious with crackers and strong cheese.

5. Crustless Courgette & Bacon Quiche

Photo: Jane Wrigglesworth.

Tasty cheese and shredded bacon take this simple quiche to new heights.


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