5 simple ways to use fresh broad beans

These tender legumes are quite versatile — try them in salads, tarts and as a substitute for chickpeas. 

No need to get complicated with fresh broad beans. A little olive oil or sprinkling of herbs can be all it takes to make them shine.

Moroccan Broad Bean Dip

This creamy Middle Eastern dip doesn’t have a hint of broad bean flavour.

Broad Bean Salad

A quick and elegant salad to make those fresh broad beans shine.

Broad Bean Tart

Fresh broad beans are hidden in a creamy mascarpone filling.

Broad Bean Falafel

Swap fresh broad beans for chickpeas for a garden-to-table version of this vegetarian staple.

Kate’s Favourite Broad Bean Salad

NZ Life & Leisure editor Kate Coughlan shares a simple zesty recipe using fresh broad beans.


4 tips for growing broad beans (plus how to cook with them)

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