3 bad eggs and what they’re telling you about your hens

Some are more common in older hens than others. 

Words: Sue Clarke & Nadene Hall

1. Double yolkers

Hybrid hens are more likely than any other breed or ‘barnyard special’ to lay double yolk eggs. However, it’s most common in young hens that have just started laying, usually because of hormonal fluctuations that are common at that time. Older hens may lay larger eggs, but statistically fewer will have double yolks.

2. Calcium pimples/spots


These are more common on the eggs of older hens as their reproductive system isn’t as efficient. It can also be a sign of excess calcium in the diet. Extra calcium should be offered in a separate dish to any other feed – don’t force it on the hen by mixing it in with pellets or mash.

3. Lash ‘egg’

They might be sort-of egg-shaped, but these aren’t eggs. These are solidified pus and tissue from an infection in a hen’s oviduct. It may also contain some secretions which are partial membranes. Never eat one!


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