4 not-so-sweet treats to make this Christmas

Homemade Christmas treats are a great gift idea, and these are four of Kristina’s favourites.

Words & images: Kristina Jensen

Making home-made presents for people runs like a strong river through my veins. That’s thanks to my mum Nancy, who had a simple approach: the best gift is something a loved one can eat, drink, or plant.

When I was growing up, mum juggled milking cows, haymaking, working as a speech therapist, managing a substantial vegetable garden, and running several community projects. She also somehow found time to make 150 rum truffles and 5-6 trays of delicious slices to give away each December.

She’d collect small boxes throughout the year, fill them with her baking, then give them to us to carefully wrap in Christmas paper. These were gifted to friends, family, teachers, the tanker driver, the stock agent, and the mailman.

It was my mum’s way of fostering community. My hope is that these recipes can help you strengthen the connections in your world too.

Nancy’s Birdseed Bar

A wholesome treat packed with coconut, seeds, and dried fruit.

Kristina’s Walnut Crunch

This super simple bar is packed with walnuts and oaty goodness.

Cam’s Ginger Slice (Dairy-Free)

This spicy ginger slice uses coconut cream instead of butter — and honey instead of sugar.

Priscilla’s Bliss Balls

These little morsels are as wholesome as delicious.

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