DIY: How to make bunting fit for a King’s coronation

This easy DIY bunting brightens up any room. It’s fit for any King’s coronation celebrations you may have coming up. 

Words: Julie Legg

These words originally appeared in this guide to homemade wedding decorations

Double-sided fabric bunting looks so festive when draped around trees, hung from the roof or pinned to a catering table. Use it indoors and out.


What you’ll need:
• Brown paper
• Cotton fabric
• Shearing scissors
• Ribbon or bias binding
• Sewing machine, cottons and pins

1. Cut a template from brown paper to desired shape. An isosceles triangle (with two equal sides) is the most common.
2. Select the fabric. Cotton is easy to work with as it doesn’t stretch on the bias. Eclectic cottons can be found in the remnant bin of your local fabric store. Fold the fabric in half, pin on the template and cut using shearing scissors (which helps to minimize fraying). Once you have gained confidence, cut multiple triangles together for better efficiency.
3. Take two matching pieces of fabric, ‘good sides’ facing out, then sew together around the edges. A zigzag stitch will help to minimize fraying. Repeat with remaining fabric cut-outs.
4. Pin the short length of each triangle at equal intervals along the ribbon (eg: 1-2cm apart), then stitch to secure. Sew together as many strips of ribbon as required, adding more bunting as you go.

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