20 oh-so-satisfying spring projects to do at home

Start growing tomato seedlings on window sills in preparation for spring.

Spring doesn’t always have to be about cleaning. Put some pep back into your kitchen or garden with these fun projects. 

Make sweet pickled cauliflower

A sweet and tangy way to use cauliflower that is anything but bland.

Arrange a simple-yet-beautiful bouquet from homegrown flowers 

A few principles of flower arranging will help to create lovely bouquets from your garden.

Create a reusable tote from an old pillowcase

With just a few straight lines, create a set of reusable bags from rescued fabrics.

Make your own willow bird feeder

Learn the art of basic willow weaving and give your local birds a tasty treat with our beginner’s project.

Give instant glam to a tired old terracotta pot

A quick upcycling project to transform an old terracotta plant pot.

Make perfume from the garden

It seems every celebrity has their own scent to sell, but you could make your own with a unique Kiwi flavour.

Start your garden by seed

Raising plants from seed is a cost-effective way of planting out a garden.

Make your own berry kombucha

Brewing this popular fermented drink at home is easy, cheap and oh-so-satisfying.

Build a paper recycling kit with beautiful craft paper

Making handmade paper from recycled paper is fun and a relatively easy process. It’s a great way to give junk mail, used packaging paper and even cardboard egg cartons, a new lease of life.

How to make herb vinegars

These vinegars look fantastic, taste great, and are very easy to make.

10 (non-edible) ways to use grapefruit

Grapefruit seem to be one of those contentious, love-it-or-loathe-it kind-of fruit. Here are some easy DIY ways to use up grapefruit that don’t involving eating them.

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Build a vertical Spud Stacker for growing potatoes

This Spud Stacker encourages vertical plant growth and tidily contains backfilled soil, with shiplap frames stacked on top of a base frame and pegged corners for stability.

Make a delicious mandarin curd

This sweet curd is a great way to use up overripe mandarins.

Make a vertical growing frame for climbing veggies

This easy-to-make A-frame gives veggies in the gourd family a place to grow up.

Make sauerkraut from scratch

Pro tip: You don’t need fancy salt to make delicious kraut.

Make a cute crochet possum bookmark

Mark our words, there’s nothing better than a squished possum. This cute, comical bookmark is just the fun craft project to remind you of that.

Make your own natural cleaning products

Reduce the amount of packaging you use while learning how to DIY cleaning products. It’s a win-win.

Bake your own natural dog treats

The simple oat cookies that dogs and people can eat: a healthy biscuit recipe to sidestep expensive, manufactured pet food for your pooch.

How to create and nurture a sourdough starter

A beginner’s guide to getting start-ed with sourdough — no yeast required.

Build a pizza oven

Sharpen up your DIY skills and become the proud owner of your own pizza oven.

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