Recipe: Blueberry and Apple Crumble Slice

A stack of blueberry crumble slices sitting on a plate.

Softness, fruit and crunch on top — this treat has everything one needs in a slice. 

Words: Extract from Everyday Favourites by Vanya Insull  Photo: Melanie Jenkins

This apple crumble slice is so easy to make and has a nice crunch to it. You can use any berries that you have on hand, but I love the combination of blueberries and apples. I always have frozen blueberries in the freezer.

You don’t need to defrost the berries first. I place them on a paper towel to catch any excess liquid while I make the base. You can also use fresh berries if they are in season.

Ready in: 1 hours
Makes: 16 pieces


2 cups plain flour
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 egg
150 g (5½ oz) butter, melted, plus 30 g (1 oz) extra for topping
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 apples
1½ cups frozen blueberries
½ cup rolled oats


Preheat the oven to 170°C (325°F) fan bake.

Line a 27 x 17 cm (10½ x 6½ in) slice tin with baking paper.

Whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder and cinnamon in a large bowl.

Add the egg, melted butter and vanilla, and mix together until you can no longer see white bits of flour.

Set aside 1 cup of mixture for the topping. Transfer the rest to the lined slice tin and press out evenly, smoothing the top with the back of a metal spoon.

Peel the apples and cut into 1 cm (½ in) dice. Spread evenly over the base, then do the same with the blueberries. Add the reserved 1 cup of topping mix back to the bowl. Add the rolled oats and the extra 30 g (1 oz) of melted butter, and mix together with a spoon or press together with your hands.

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Crumble the topping over the apple and blueberries, pressing down gently with your hands.

Bake for 45–50 minutes until cooked through and golden on top. Allow to cool before removing from the tin and cutting into pieces. Serve at room temperature.

Images and text extracted from Everyday Favourites: Delicious, easy meal solutions for busy families by Vanya Insull. Published by Allen & Unwin NZ, RRP: $39.99. Photography by Melanie Jenkins, Flash Studios.

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