Recipe: Simple Honey Ice Cream

A smooth and creamy ice cream sweetened with honey — a perfect pairing with fresh fruit.

Recipe: Ruth Pretty

Makes: 2 litres
Prep: Make at least 1 day before serving


150mL (2/3 cup) rata or bush honey such as rewarewa
8 egg yolks
600ml cream (lightly whipped)


Wet a medium-sized plastic container (at least 6cm in depth) and line with plastic wrap. Smooth the wrinkles with a pastry brush.

Place honey into a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for 2 minutes over a medium heat (be careful it doesn’t burn). Put egg yolks into a bowl, whisk until thick and whitish. Gradually pour in hot honey, whisking continuously at high speed until the mixture has cooled (it should be whitish in colour and double its volume).

Fold in whipped cream and pour into prepared container. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight.

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