29 delicious New Zealand products that should be on every foodie’s radar

NZ Life & Leisure is proud to celebrate the people who create beautiful food. Here’s a list of some fantastic New Zealand artisan food producers you should be adding to your shopping cart.

The Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, now in their third year, are a highlight of the NZ Life & Leisure calendar. We proudly support the efforts of not only the producers themselves but also Kathie Bartley and Nicola McConnell of Marvellous Marketing, who manage the awards and bring support and recognition to the producers of the country’s most delicious food and drinks. We salute all the medalists. Support them — they deserve it. -Kate Coughlan, NZ Life & Leisure editor

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We remain true to our brand promise, “Totally Natural”. This award-winning yoghurt consists of only organic milk, probiotic cultures and certified organic clover
honey from our friends at Hutton’s Honey. Nothing is added or removed from the milk. We really can’t fault it. clearwaters.co.nz

We believe in purity, sustainability and provenance — meaning all our flavours are intense and utterly natural. We use carefully selected ingredients — from New Zealand’s finest berries to local Mānuka honey — so you can be sure that only the best produce available is used to handcraft your serve of PURE indulgence. purenzicecream.com

The Whitestone “Artisan Reserve” Cheese Club offers you the opportunity to enjoy seasonal selections of hand-cut cheese delivered to your door every month, or every two months. Whitestone offers subscription and gifting options to suit every household or business. thecheeseclub.nz

Provenance lamb comes from two Otago farms operating under a regenerative or bio-farming system free from toxic fertilizers. The nutrient-rich pasture along with the breed (Texel-Romney cross), promotes a beautiful fine and tender texture in the meat and with a clean flavour that is pleasant and subtle to taste. provenancemeat.co.nz

A Lady Butcher is committed to making truly New Zealand charcuterie. We work directly with Kiwi farmers to source free-range meat that has been ethically and sustainably raised. Then, we cure it with local salt and spices to highlight its natural flavour and achieve optimum tenderness. Purposeful meats for purposeful people. facebook.com/aladybutcher

Agreeable Nature eggs come from happy, healthy hens that roam freely on our family farm, living and eating as nature intended, and producing eggs rich in nutrients and full of flavour.  We are passionate about our sustainable, ethical business and the wellbeing of our hens, our customers and our planet. agreeablenature.co.nz

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Zaroa NZ artisanal products are made from natural, grass-fed beef, lamb and venison. They are made from all-natural ingredients and minimal processing, are clean label, focused on health, wellbeing and are uniquely New Zealand. Products include sausages, salamis, sous vide cooked roasts, bacon, ham and upmarket dried-cured, fermented, style of meats. zaroa.nz

The Damn Good Food Company has launched a wholesome frozen-treat range that is raw, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and cane sugar-free. Available in four flavours — Citrus Zing, Double Berry, Chocolate Rough and Salted Caramel. So DAMN GOOD you can enjoy them guilt-free anytime, anywhere! thedamngoodfoodco.com

Artisan producers of horseradish condiments grown, harvested and made in Canterbury. Mandys Horseradish Sauce is a must-try accompaniment to many dishes. Made the old-fashioned way, it is a fabulous sauce that certainly packs a punch. Mandys Horseradish Pure is dairy- and sugar-free. All products GF. horseradish.co.nz

Cartel Food Co produces hand-made frozen burritos that are ready in three minutes. Cartel recently released a dairy- and meat-free burrito. “We keep it simple. We make great tasting burritos. We use quality ingredients, we don’t cut corners. That’s how we roll.” Available at Farro Fresh and selected New Worlds. cartelfood.com

Thoroughbread is about quality eating and quality ingredients. They achieve this by freshly grinding seed, nut or rice flours and activating and sprouting organic seeds to maximize the available nutrition. Get your customers returning for that healthy, delicious, soft, gold-winning experience. thoroughbread.nz

Forage & Ferment, the Clevedon fermentary handcrafting wild-fermented sauerkraut and kimchi, has added Mexi Kraut to their award-winning range. Serve with salad, meat or give your Mexican favourites a probiotic boost… from tacos, burritos and nachos to quesadillas and Mexi slaw. Good gut-health has never tasted
so delicioso! forageandferment.co.nz

For more than 20 years, pure delish have worked hard creating a range of delicious products all handmade in house by our team of passionate foodies. We pride ourselves on our integrity and truly believe that food simply tastes better when made by people not machines. puredelish.co.nz

Greytown Honey is a family business producing the very highest quality Mānuka, Wildflower, Kamahi, Native and Clover honey straight from the land. You could say beekeeping is in our blood as we are fifth-generation beekeepers! We’re very humbled to have received seven medal awards this year — three gold, two silver and two bronze as well as the runner-up for the Outstanding Sustainability Award. greytownhoney.co.nz

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Kohkoz Real Lebanese Cuisine has always been passionate about sharing the authentic flavours and colourful heritage of Lebanese cuisine with Kiwis. The Kohkoz range includes Traditional Hummus, Smoky Baba Ghanoush, Golden Falafel, Lebanese Pita Bread and For the love of Garlic — a smooth, creamy traditional Lebanese garlic dip. For stockists see kohkoz.co.nz

NoShortcuts award-winning gourmet chutneys are top of mind for anyone wanting a range of chutneys, pickles, relishes and jams that are wholesome real food. Using the best of New Zealand produce and traditional cooking methods with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added. noshortcuts.co.nz

Roebuck Farm is an outstanding micro-green and salad producer in Taranaki, committed to small-scale sustainability and innovation. ONZPA judge Emily King said: “Roebuck Farm isn’t only producing high-quality food, they are producing knowledge and transferring it, which has far wider implications for the sustainability of our food system.” roebuckfarm.com

Barker’s of Geraldine’s delicious Fruit for Cheese range is the perfect way to up your platter game. There are four fresh flavours to choose from, including Feijoa & Pear and Blackberry & Brandy, which were awarded Gold and Silver in the 2019 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, Earth category. barkers.co.nz

Remember the ginger beer folks used to brew at home? Hakanoa uses their own hand-made wild culture to ferment their crisp not-too-sweet ginger beers. Dry Ginger Beer is the classic we know and love. Lime & Chilli Ginger Beer is wonderfully zingy and refreshing. Available on subscription at hakanoa-handmade.co.nz

Molly Woppy baked a plan to create New Zealand’s best-tasting gingerbread. Their recipe contains premium ingredients including free-range eggs and New Zealand butter. Not only have they perfected the recipe, they have sourced exclusive buttons which are 100 per cent natural. No artificial colours, flavours, palm oil or preservatives. Molly Woppy Handmade Gingerbread Kids are now available nationwide. mollywoppy.co.nz

Something to Crow About make it easy to eat a healthy breakfast with their range of delicious mueslis. Made from 100 per cent natural and nourishing ingredients, every mouthful is a delight! Find Cashew Cherry Chia Muesli at selected New World Supermarkets, Pak’nSave and coming soon to Countdown. crowabout.co.nz


The Remarkable Chocolate Co is on a mission to make “simply remarkable” chocolate. Seven national chocolate awards are testament to amazing quality and taste. Our gorgeous organic chocolate barks are made by hand in New Zealand with premium ingredients — no refined sugar, no palm, no nasties. Most of all our chocolate just tastes amazing — simply remarkable! remarkablechocolate.com

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Sweetree’s multi award-winning honeys are a true reflection of the area and season in which their bees worked their magic. From the buttery and salted toffee-apple taste of Marokopa Spring to the gorgeous caramel and butterscotch flavour of the Hakarimata, each Sweetree honey has its own distinctive taste and texture. sweetreehoney.co.nz

Just mix this mung bean-based flour blend with water to create the easiest herbalicious fritters of your life — all in a few minutes. Certified organic by BioGro, you’ll only find real, wholefood ingredients inside each pack. Plus, they’re gluten-free and vegan, all-round winning. ceres.co.nz

A new, unique snacking range from Harraways in Dunedin. Three international flavours: Thai, Mexican & Indian. These snacks are baked not fried, are vegan, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are made with New Zealand oats. On sale at New World and Pak’nSave nationwide. New range and recipes online at harraways.co.nz

Daily Organics has handcrafted this delicious pantry staple from 100 per cent certified organic New Zealand apples. Slowly aged for 12 months in French oak to develop its uniquely smooth and rounded taste, this ACV is unpasteurized, unfiltered, raw and nutrient-dense, with “the Mother” in every bottle. BioGro Certified Organic. dailyorganics.com

Using freshly harvested seasonal ingredients and inspiration from the matriarchs of the marae, our condiments are handmade at Omaka Marae in Marlborough. Our gold-winning Kamokamo Pickle is a sweet and sour combo made with kamokamo, along with a hint of turmeric and a touch of mustard. tastemanaaki.com

Grown exclusively in New Zealand by The Yummy Fruit Company, SweeTango apples have the LOUDEST crunch on the market. Their huge angular cells explode when bitten, creating a CRUNCH like no other. They are in season approximately Jan-May, but Yummy has plenty of other exciting apple varieties available now. yummyfruit.co.nz

Award-winning saffron grown in Fiordland. Certified organic Biogro 5722, Kiwi Saffron is pure, potent and cherished by chefs and foodies alike. Colour, flavour and aroma are intensified by our far south climate. GF and vegan-friendly, our gorgeous saffron enhances and elevates any dish. Pure pleasure. kiwisaffron.com

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