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A beginner's guide to foraging in New Zealand

There are plenty of edible wild plant foods in the NZ countryside, if you know where to look and what to look for.

Recipe: Elderflower Cordial

This has to be the most divine cordial ever. I can never make enough of it. You just need a small amount in a glass topped up with water and you'll be in heaven. This is how one writer describes it.

How to grow sunflowers

Sunflowers are not only pretty, but they are extremely useful - particularly if you own chickens.

What to do in the garden this October

A productive summer garden is at your fingertips via a whole lot of prepping, sowing and planting.

Native plants to use for fodder

New Zealand plants didn't evolve for browsing ruminants, but there are a few that are beneficial fodder.

The 10 most cost-effective edibles to grow

Food is the biggest household expense after accommodation, and the cost of it seems to be skyrocketing year after year, so what are the most high value things you can grow to save money?

8 tips for growing and harvesting rocket

Rocket can be grown year-round, although the cooler temperatures in spring and autumn produce the best crops.

Going nuts for growing nuts

The Horwell’s are surrounded by nuts — the fresher, the better.

How to grow microgreens (PLUS how to avoid these common problems when growing them)

Easy to grow and nutritious, microgreens are a winter garden goer.

All about Meyer lemons PLUS lemon ice cream

Learn how to look after your citrus - and treat yourself with this yummy ice cream recipe.

How to preserve lemons

Preserving lemons requires lots of lemon juice so do it when you have a surplus of lemons on your tree, or they are in season and on special at your local shops.

Tips for your best broccoli crop

Broccoli is in short supply in supermarkets - so why not try growing your own?

10 tips for growing saffron

It’s worth as much as gold per gram, but fortunately it’s easy to grow.

A Motueka couple's long road to importing adorable Valais Blacknose sheep

They’re often mistaken for stuffed toys, but Valais Blacknose sheep are real and spreading their cuteness around New Zealand.

Get winter ready: Is your firewood dry enough to use?

Firewood should have less than 25 per cent moisture to burn at its most efficient. If you don’t have a moisture meter, here’s how to work out if your firewood is dry enough.

10 gum trees that also make good firewood

Gum as a tree divides a lot of people. One reason is different varieties do better in different parts of the country

6 tips to growing mandarins (almost ) all year round

If you pick and choose your varieties carefully, you can be munching on sweet mandarins from early winter until late summer or even all year round if you plan it well.

5 easy-to-grow flowers for homemade bouquets

When you’re creating a bouquet, think about balance. If you put one type of flower on one side, it looks good to put the same thing on the other side.

What and when to harvest this month

Tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, beans and more are all ripe for the picking. But how and when you pick them can make all the difference between sweet and succulent, bland or bitter.

3 irresistible plum recipes

When plums go crazy, these recipes will help you use them all up in the most delicious ways possible.


How to make damson gin

It’s a funny-looking cousin of the plum, and it can tarten up your gin too.

What is regenerative agriculture? Here's how one farmer does it

Regenerative agriculture is a term thrown around more and more frequently, but what exactly is it and how can it be practised on a lifestyle block in New Zealand?

Does orchard size matter?

Ben Gaia visits two small sections that are big on production.

10 ways to help make cut flowers last

These simple steps will keep your cut flowers looking fresh for longer.


Organic ways to control codling moth

Bugs are a part of nature and I come in peace, but when they invade an entire apple crop, its time to declare war and this is the time to get started.

What is wrong with my lettuce?

Jenny answers six common questions about what could be going wrong when it comes to growing lettuce.

9 tips for growing great passionfruit

Passionfruit is a warm-climate plant, but with protection from wind and cold, plants can be grown in cooler areas too.

How NZers can build smarter and more efficient homes

A smart house isn’t filled with fancy electronic gadgets. It’s a design concept that keeps you warm and can save you money during building and after. But most NZ homeowners are missing out.

6 easy-to-grow cherry tomato varieties

Cherry tomatoes are a good option for smaller gardens.

A Waikato family's sweet life growing organic citrus

David Whyte's tree crops outgrew his 500m² section. Now he and his family live a sweet life growing organic citrus.

Recipe: Garlic Chive Scrambled Eggs

Top with smoked salmon, a touch of sour cream and little snips of garlic chives.

Why you should consider raising turkeys

Turkeys are beautiful birds, work hard to keep your farm pest-free and make a great roast.

9 things to consider you're raising chicks

If you’re raising chicks this spring, here’s how to avoid some common mistakes and ensure yours get the very best start in life.

10 things you may not know about building a log home

You might think hunting lodge, you might think it’s too much  wood for one home, but the modern log house is a strong statement in clean, green, renewable, hand-crafted building work.

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