15 delicious feijoa recipes to make the most of a bumper crop

Make the remainder of those feijoas shine with these simple chutneys, baked treats and tangy dips.

Feijoa & Walnut Chocolate Cake

A layer of dark chocolate frosting gives this moist feijoa cake a touch of indulgence.

Feijoa Loaf

This simple loaf can be made in a loaf tin, cake tin or a muffin tray.

Chunky Monkey Feijoa Chutney (no scooping required!)

NZ Lifestyle Block writer Kristina Jensen reluctantly shares one of her best-ever chutneys.

Topsy Turvy Feijoa Cake

Kristina Jensen’s gooey upside down feijoa caramel cake is the autumn cake you’ve been waiting for.

Avocado, Pecan and Feijoa Guacamole

Fresh feijoa adds a hint of tang to this fresh guacamole.

Feijoa, Date and Ginger Loaf

This flavour-packed loaf makes the perfect afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

Spiced Roast Feijoa and Cardamom Chutney

Cardamom adds a touch of smokiness to this feijoa chutney.

Feijoa and Almond Turnover Pastries

These delicious feijoa pastries will be a hit with friends.

Feijoa and Apple Sorbet

This simple sorbet is tangy, refreshing and delicious, with a lot fewer calories than ice cream. The key is to use very ripe feijoas.

Feijoa Cake with Crumble Topping

This recipe takes the cake for the simplest feijoa dessert.

Feijoa Salsa

The feijoa originates from South America and the flavours work well with a classic salsa. If tomatillos aren’t available, use cherry tomatoes.

Sticky Pork Ribs with Feijoa Marinade

This feijoa twist on rib marinade is finger lickin’ good.

Smoked Fish & Feijoa Salad

This unusual combination of tangy feijoa, smoked fish and the flavours of south east asia will surprise and delight the taste buds.

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Feijoa Wine

Make the perfect autumn tipple with your excess feijoas.

4 ways to use feijoa skins

Prevent waste by making Pickled Feijoa Skins, Feijoa fizz, Feijoa Cordial or Feijoa Skin Muffins (pictured above).


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